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Current crush is Wood + Concrete + minimalist + soft pink

Current crush is Wood + Concrete + minimalist + soft pink

Soft-Pink Interiors with wood and concrete in a minimalistic look


Hi! I am currently obsessed with the combination of wood, concrete and soft pink, together styled in a minimalistic look. I denied that fact since so long, but I sensed that I keep enlarging the picture in any website, as soon as I have them listed around the array of other colours and substances. This is how even you can figure out, what are you attracted to, amidst the various elements present around you, may it be online or offline.





Before this, you might be knowing that I was going all gaga about the dark colour palette for home interiors, well it is still there though. Same goes with the styling part, I liked more of the messy look, that shows that humans live in that house; and now I am inclining towards minimalist, clean and with very least things around. I guess age is not just a number anymore *SHUCKS*



Soft Pink Wood Concrete Minimalist




So keep looking around and keep posting on your notes. What is it that you are really interested in having in your home? In that way, you will stay updated about your likes and will keep changing the look of your home interiors. Which is very necessary. You definitely don’t want to end up in a store that has the same look and products for years. Everyone needs an update folk.






I may come up another year or before, with something different altogether in my crush list. But if you ask am I transforming my home decor accordingly? Heck yes!! So let me have your comments on what all colours and elements are you being attracted to. And do you change the look of your home accordingly? Did you like this combination? If not then what is your current crush in home interiors? I’m eager to know your likes. Catch up soon!!

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