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Tara Nair is a professional Calligraphy Artist and a design & decor Blogger at Crimson April. She started blogging about home decor, interiors and DIY in 2009, further made the site official in November 2013. This blog is all about home decor through travel, design ideas, makers in India, her life experiences and events.

She was born in Trivandrum, raised in Bhilai and now stays in Pune. Her passion is into beautifying the world around through creativity and spreading awareness about the people and product from where she gets inspired. Apart from blogging, she dives into the vastness of abstract art and spreads her daily thoughts and feelings at Instagram via watercolour and calligraphy.

Bimal Nair is a professional photographer, hobbyist writer and an aspiring entrepreneur. He became an engineering graduate like most Indian kids and wrecked havoc in IT for 6+ years before both kicked each other out :D He quit IT to start full-time photography and in last 5 years has managed to capture priceless memories for more than hundred couples & families. He is known for his expertise in maternity & newborn portraits and is equally sought after for wedding movies. Here he intends to foray into food photography by being a contributing blogger to this site.

Born in Trivandrum (Kerala), raised in Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), graduated in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), a secured job in Pune (Maharashtra) and now wondering where to move next, he is all dreamy eyed about starting a new venture. He loves music, loves movies and loves spending time on Instagram. He became a dad to a little darling recently & is overjoyed about the new role. Lots to study & even lot more to learn. Life has been fair to him so far and he desires to help anyone earn a fair living who is hustling alike in the journey. He very strongly believes “what you give into the world will come back to you!”

Awards & Recognition

Featured in “Golden Sparrow” Pune newspaper

One among the Top10 Arts, Crafts and Design Blog in India by BlogAdda in 2015

In 2016 Crimson April is awarded as the winner of Innovative Decor Star of the Year

Won 1st runner-up in Decor Blogger of the Year and Decor Influencer of the Year

2nd runner-up in Rising Star of the Year by Asian Paints

Volunteered for Serendipity Arts Festival


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