How to Subdue your Afternoon Slump in 6 easy ways

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Being a freelancer, there is no manager behind me to kick me off whenever I am feeling a dip at post-lunch time. But, afternoon slump is something that not only freelancers but also employees get captured by. This post has brought in some valuable notes that will subdue your mid-day sunken feeling.

Beat your afternoon slump

#1 Tune into a beats playlist. Research has shown a sudden rise in energy level whenever a person listens to a song with drum-beats in it, as compared to violin, guitar or any other instrument.

#2 Caffeine is the first thing we approach to whenever we feel sleepy. But more than 4 cups of it, reverse the effect. If water is a boring option for you, then best would be to reach out for matcha/green tea or flavored water.

#3 Screens lower your energy level even more because the brain has the tendency to take it as a “back to work” term. Take minimal intervals and catch up with someone face to face. Talking with eye to eye contact shifts your focus from being slouchy and sterns you up.

#4 Avoid having too much of sugar or carb. These makes your stomach feel fuller and hence slows down your control over the mind. Get some energy granola bars or unsweetened dark chocolate.

#5 Go for a quick walk. I know a quick walk to smoking zone sounds great, but am not pointing to that. You can grab your lunch and have it somewhere out in the fresh air zone or ask any of your friends/colleagues to join for a brisk walk to increase the activity level. Sometimes, spending too much time within the walls can gloom your mental state. 

#6 Handling the same project daily or doing the same job every day gets you bored. Hence, the afternoon slump grows within eventually and your work seems to be very static. Try to switch the projects or approach your work in a creative way. This will engage your mind and brings in some newness into life.

Phew! That was a post in a jiffy. I believe whenever you bring in some change in your usual life, the days become much better. If you have a special way to beat your afternoon slump, then please do share with me. If not, then try one from above (whichever is suitable to you) and let me have your experience shared here. Lots of love to you. Have a lightening day dear!! :D





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    1. Ohh yup that’s a plus point to be a freelancer Shweta. Same as in my case too. The office going people have much less choices though. Thanks for sharing your time here :)

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