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Guide to Living with least usage of Plastic : Plastic Free Life Initiating steps

Guide to Living with least usage of Plastic : Plastic Free Life Initiating steps

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Hey there! I believe the title of this post may come as a disclaimer “boring” or “oh no not again” signs. But rather than being an environmental teacher, I will be an honest and a sound decor blogger. Someone who really cares about nothing else but her own home, just like you do. So in this post, I will be sharing with you on how step-by-step am converting my living with least usage of plastic. To lead a plastic free life as much as possible.

Understand the value of Plastic free lifestyle

How this tiny bit of revolution started in my lifestyle; is when I watched a group of civilised people (Swachh Pune – Swachh Bharat) collecting a truck load of trash from a park amidst societies. I came home and ever since, whatever work am doing within and outside my house, a sense of realization sparked. While I am doing dishes, cleaning plastic bottles were annoying. While am shopping, paying Rs.5 to Rs.10 extra for a plastic bag (due to comfort) was annoying. And likewise, many actions were just purely bugging peace in my head.

Being a Malayali, I LOVE and ENJOY eating fish. And, it was very disturbing to know that the plastic we use is flushed out into the sea. That turns into micro-plastic bits. Which is then, been unknowingly consumed by fishes and the entire kingdom of water creatures. That’s the most disturbing fact that approached me. I hated that fact. And I still do. Because plastic war is not over. Sadly, it will never be. The only thing we (together) can do, is to get rid of it as much as we can from our daily life.

Before writing this post, I searched in Google for some related articles. There were numerous ideas on giving up plastic life. But many ideas were, too discomforting for humankind. I mean, we are the kind of people who would jam a traffic, by not parking our cars in the parking zone. Just for comfort. So forget about taking glass straws and ceramic coffee mug before hitting any place outside.

Initial steps to conquer a plastic-free life

Hence, I thought of writing about the actions, I personally will take (and have taken already). And amend my life with some actionable and worthy changes around this concept. I have started already in these steps:

#1    Getting into the habit of taking a cloth/paper/jute bag before I leave home for any purpose.

#2   Replacing plastic bottles with glass and metal bottles for storing drinking water

#3   Replacing the plastic containers with glass or cardboard containers for storing food items and spices

#4   Converting the items to the ones that have bio-degradable options

#5   Replacing plastic laundry bags with fabric ones and plastic dustbins with steel ones

#6   Cautiously buying the items from stores in which the ingredients are kept in non-plastic container options, as much as possible

So far I have made all of the above changes in my lifestyle. But there’s a lot more to do. One more thing is that when you choose to go in a non-plastic using zone, the cost of living increases just a bit… but only in the initial phase. Because once the things are replaced with metal and glass, the products stay with you for a longer period of time. Also, disposables are the best inventions ever for an easy living, but that’s the worst invention ever instead. Enter: lazy bums.

Let Dia Mirza update you with her way of living sustainably in the city

Other easier ways to approach a plastic free living

#1   At least AT LEAST go for reusable grade plastic

#2   Bio-degradable options

#3   Turn your life towards paper, metal, and glass.

#4   Things that are made more using elements taken from the earth than by being created in a lab. So that you can give back to earth, being guilt-free.

#5   Support and promote brands that extract products from nature. So, let your friends and family know your good deeds, that some are meant to be followed

The important matter I have always realised is that posts like these, an ad on the environment, conventions and speeches don’t reach the type of citizens who actually use plastic the most. The Indian people are deprived of logical Indians. Such matters revolve only around people, who already know most of such facts and are doing better by each step. But the other major percentage of the public is having no clue about such awareness or are really lame to act upon it. They are happy to pay four figure on a seafood cuisine which is feeding them plastic. How about that!!?

I hope you my dear reader will note the thin layer of cheat and will start abiding by the rules and fundas of living a better and healthy life. Please don’t turn the portrayal of the earth just like shown in Wall-E, Elysium and likewise movies. It is tremendously horrifying. And here I am… started the post as an honest decor blogger, but finally ending it up sounding like an environmental teacher :D Take care. Live and let live.


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