How to Care for your Mind

Mind care and Mental Health


Being a freelance artist and a blogger, I stay at home alone throughout the day. So there is no one to set the target for my work and create a deadline for tasks. The brain being aware of which, often jumps onto something that is not productive. And if all that was not enough, I know that the only way I am being watched is through social media. Which actually has the power to control the brain, move values and plague the mind. Then a moment appears that slap hard on the face and asks what have you done with your time so far? So it is a constant fight within to stay productive and actually being thoughtful about the purpose of life. In this post, I am sharing some ways to take care of your mental health for the greater good of your each passing second.

Mind Care

Positive Affirmations

Self-shaming, self-pitying and being judgemental, has adverse effects on our mental health. Our mind has the tendency to easily go and feel negative most of the times because they are much more aroused by negative stimuli. Positive affirmations are therefore super strong to help mind get rid of self-doubt and negative wirings. We all know the power of motivational lines and uplifting words. So every morning as soon as you wake up, have a positive line in your head or even better, fix up some preferred quotes that will bring waves of strength and love to you each day. Also whenever possible, turn the negative niggles to positive and productive pointers.

Brain Exercise

Journaling, games like Sudoku, getting into a new hobby or any creative work are few of the best ways to keep your mind ignited. Stopping to take help from tech devices for calculations and spelling are also of great help. The feeling of lethargy clouds the mind that is continuously doing a particular work, so get up and take a break of 10 mins. to shake the mind and wake it up. Enjoy a song, sketch out a view, even a plank workout would be great!! It occurred to me that a lot of people don’t feel like working in post-lunch hours *Same pinch* here’s how to overcome afternoon drowsiness.


Sleep is a pill for depression and to sleep, we find ourselves helpless to take pills. When it feels so hard to shift the focus of your mind away from your problems, meditation is the rescue you are seeking for. And by meditation, I don’t mean to direct you only towards chanting Om while sitting in a steady posture. Instead, you can also light up an aromatic candle, play a music that will bring ease to you (for me it is country songs ;)) and put your feet into a tub of cold water (if summer and vice versa), while sipping a cup of warm milk or a juice rather than a coffee or tea and read a book to engage your mind in a story that is not yours. Bet you… you won’t need a pill to sleep. For me reading an engineering book works the best!! :P

Small Activities

Walk (out not on a treadmill) for 30 mins. when feeling depressed, take few deep breaths when scatterbrained, lift weights or do HIIT when anxious and Yoga when feeling stressed out. These few actions will add some latitude to your brain, health and overall life.

Mindful about Absorbing

Be very cautious about what you are consuming through all your senses throughout the day. And when I mention consuming, I meant not only the food for yourself but food for your brain too. The movies, news, music, conversations and everything you read, each have an impact on your mind. So even if there are certain things that can’t be controlled, you can still control what to give importance to and what to believe in. Whatever you partake, shapes your mindsets and beliefs. Your mind is a very fragile and sacred place, that’s why consumption through each of your senses … counts. So take in the best always.

Find Balance

In the world where you got to be aware of all the happenings and be in the race, we often neglect what’s dear to us. Either we love our family so much, that we take so many leaves at work or don’t enjoy working at all. Or we chase the money magnet so much that we forget to keep up with our friends and families. The brain goes haywire if you don’t prioritize and stay resilient towards your goals. Rather than juggling too much, only keep in life what matters to you the most and then try to balance it out.

Honour Feelings

We are wired to have feelings. And it is okay to feel sad or worried about matters. However, it is not okay to give those negative feelings an authority to rule your life. So, above all, first let the feelings come in and let it pass through you. Running away from it is only going to make it chase you. Understand what you are going through and why. Then seek for a helping hand or try out other ways to feed joy into your life. Honoring your negative feelings is only going to make it weaker and will eventually vanish, through the further steps you take.

I know it is hard to carry out most of the facts mentioned above. Indeed it is, that is how you will taste the change and peace washing away the troubles from your mind. Your mind and body are always depended on your actions. And if your health is not experiencing any positive changes, then you are not caring enough. Remember a house, a shelter always comes second or third, the first is your body where your soul lives. Take a very good care of it and it will thank you back in multifold. Have a great day!



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