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Meera Stone Jewellery by Jinal

Meera Stone Jewellery by Jinal



Today I am glad to introduce Jinal to you. She is a stone jewellery designer and I met her at Za Palooza event. And ever since I bought two of stone pendants from her, I decided to approach her and share her talent with you. Being a daughter of a dad who is a jeweller and mom who is a jewellery designer, never was she interested into jewellery. Which I know sounds like the other way round right? After graduating in B.Com, she was clueless of where to lead. So she tried her hands into event management, modeling, and a bit more just to run away from the grounds of her family business.




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At the coastal area of Gujarat, she found her love for stone jewelry. Along came, love of her life to whom she got married. After her marriage, since her husband is a pilot, she stayed mostly at home whenever he traveled. When she completed her MBA in entrepreneurship, she was sure of not taking order from others at a 9 to 5 job.  Parallelly she was designing stone jewellery, about which her sister-in-law was aware of. She loved Jinal’s work and ordered few pieces from U.S where she stays. Jinal mentions “She initiated my work on stone jewellery”.

She applied to NID and NIFD, but couldn’t clear. She affirms “Academics just show direction. It shouldn’t decide your career. You have to decide where do you want to go. I have seen people not being consistent and stable even after clearing out from top-notch institutes”. She also went to volunteer to teach poor children. She kept trying hard on various fields.




Not interested in jumping more, receiving much support from her family and husband she began her journey in designing stone jewellery. Her parents helped and advised on how to verify the stone. But she clarifies “They didn’t pamper me and did no spoon-feeding. but they were preparing me to be a better stone jeweller.” She continued to do a lot of research. Much of her inspiration came from her visit to Pune, where she inspected with potters after getting attracted to handmade terracotta jewelry. “Right now my inspiration comes from nature” she adds.

Initially, she hired designers to whom she gave stones and they designed the jewellery. But then later on when the upcoming wave of wedding season was hitting the calendar, she did the designing all by herself by using real stones. She did one private exhibition in Mumbai and then Za Palooza happened. I liked the calmness on her voice when I asked about the business competitors to which she responded “I am doing great. I’ve nothing to worry about. Other competitors want to reach celebrities, whereas my intention is to serve only the stone lovers”. Smooth!! She really sounded so sorted.




Jinal loves to read and know about independent women. Henceforth, she named her venture ‘Meera’ when she came to know about Meerabai. Connecting to which she designed her logo by adding a peacock feather. I wanted to know about future of Meera, in response she was clear enough to say “It will be a mark of strength and being independent. That’s the energy I want to emit from each designer piece”. I admit, each jewellery is bold, elegant, simple and not at all loud.




She didn’t invest much time on social media for marketing. She told me that the ‘word of mouth’ has been her best friend. At the flea market as well, she did not let negative feedbacks doom her confidence and objective. Her passion for stones is directing her focus seamlessly on polishing more and more of her design skills. She wants to create a trend in the market with stone. Right now she uses more of stone and less of metal, that is a contrast to the market. She wants to be featured in top 50 independent business women list, which I am sure she will reach with all her determination and vision.




I had an hour and forty-five minutes phone talk with her. This conversation has instead perked up my energy even more, because throughout her talks were inspiring and focused. With a pleasing nature and no vague talks, surely she will hit the jewellery market with greater and better impact. And one more thing about stone jewellery I noticed, is that no piece will look similar to other. Nature deforms and hence brings uniqueness. You’ll love her work!

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