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You need this Aroma Diffuser for a Pleasant and Luxe Living

You need this Aroma Diffuser for a Pleasant and Luxe Living




Hi! I received a package a few days ago, that was to my surprise the most awaited thing for me. Since quite a long time I used fragrant candles to have a good smell inside my home. But there are few things that aroma candles are not able to pull off. They gather dust on the wax part of the candle, lighting it up adds a bit of temperature within a room (SummerTimeSadness) and MOST of the brands play no part in bringing up the fragrance. So I gave up all my hope. Now, the one that I received, is an alcohol-free aroma diffuser oil. 

Let me not compare this with the cheaper ones available in the market, that adds alcohols to ruin the purity and helps the oil to evaporate quicker. In their own words (this will win your heart and trust)… “Our perfumers have been blending fragrances for 65 years, spanning 4 generations of master craftsmen. Having inherited the art of traditional attar manufacturing from their forefathers, today they successfully blend natural attars into modern hand-crafted fragrances.”



I have picked up 2 fragrances out of the premium collection of 7. Naming, Carnal and Ittar. So far, I have smelled both of them, but used only one. I swear to what not, that this product and its functionality takes me to a calm zone, makes me feel very pleasant and extremely grateful for everything that I have. After all, these great feelings are the ones we must hold all the time. And if “Siddharth by MKC” is able to provide it through its luxe products, then why not go for it? 

Each beautifully packaged box of aroma oil diffuser contains 100ml of pure, subtle fragrance and 9 sticks. The first time I tried it, by just dipping a single stick in the beautiful looking glass bottle and placed it in a vase filled with faux flowers. Unlike the suggested method, which is by keeping sticks dipped into the bottle and flip the ends as soon as the wet side dries. After placing that single stick, my bedroom was feeling heavenly for 34 hours. That’s the power a single dip into the aroma oil produces.



The bottle itself is a charming piece to flaunt in your home decor. So show it off!! I highly recommend this product which being luxe is only priced INR 1100/-. This can not only be your possession but can also be gifted to others on their wedding day or house-warming party. Guess what? They will remember you each time this luxe bottle will bring in the aroma of delight in their personal space.

In our rush life, we forget to pause. We are not aware of the importance of such products that are made to make us feel better each time. I know, like many we are okay with not having an aroma in our home. But once you have it, you’ll know how much have we missed on taking care of our mental and soul health. Have you ever used or owned an aroma diffuser oil for your home interiors? What was your experience? You have a great time ahead and spread the love.


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