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Kingfisher BUZZ presents Za Palooza

Kingfisher BUZZ presents Za Palooza



Hi! Let me clarify about the event’s name Za+Palooza=The+Wild Crazy Party. The first time I have been to Za Palooza an art and music festival was in the year 2013. At that time I was CRAZY about flea markets and events happening in Pune, but this event by Kingfisher BUZZ was distinguishably interesting. I met most of the amazing talents (from across India), who were participating and having a stall in this flea. I heart their set-up, the location and the pack of entertainment they come up with.





To be honest, most of the other such occurrence had least to show. And had more of “only girlish” stuff like wardrobe essentials and accessories. Being a Calligraphy Artist, I get drawn to the ones who were pleased to reach out to the people with products that they have created and designed themselves. Rather than picking stuff from authentic markets and selling in the city on such events.

So in between, it was bleak. Resultantly, I stopped going to fleas which actually had cliché products. But I made sure to attend Za Palooza as and when the schedule of the event and mine matched. Am not swanking about their editions. I met Prasad Bhatt from Graphicurry, Burhan Nagarwala (an oil-paint artist), Vishakha from Type7, Deepa from Sew4Soul and many more fabulous people with their beautiful efforts in their passion. 





Za Palooza for Creativepreneurs

As a company WINDMILLS aim to offer a platform to upcoming brands and artists. Hence, help to bring them into the spotlight. So they are best for all age and all gender crowd…even pets are allowed; with no boundaries to the fun. Most of the flea(s) that happen here do not have bands to groove the public. Thankfully they cover that part and have a spacious location to spark up the dance in the audience. Then to kill your hunger pangs the food stalls present there has much more to offer than usual sandwiches *Woot Woot*. 





One important factor that they generously have included is that they spread the awareness of an NGO firm named Balgruha based at Ahmednagar. And since this “Shri Chandrabhan Athare Patil Gramnavodaya” trust is run by a family and gets no funding from the Government; the event donates a part for the education and welfare of orphaned children. 





I do remember a point when I asked for the details about the stall because I wanted to participate. The team has responded with a form to fill. Wherein, I had to add the link so that they can go through the products I sell. Un/fortunately, I was and still am packed with custom designing wedding invitations and other projects. So I couldn’t respond back. Accordingly, they select the stall-owners and take it further. Thereby bringing unique and astounding talents forth. Specifically, the team is not focused only onto the public who attends the event. But they also do an immense effort on publicity campaigns for the greater good of stall owners and performers. I am excited to meet more creative souls this time and meet the team too :D 




In the meantime please do let me know… if you are from Pune have you ever attended this event? If you are from another city, which one is your favourite and is a must-attend? Share your thoughts and experiences on such festivals occurring at your place by commenting below. Cuz you know I love such candies ;) Enjoy the happenings around and I will have you soon here. Tadaa!!





You can check more about the event and related contests here.

I am joining Za Palooza’s 8th edition and would love to meet you there. Please do come, we’ll have fun!!

Venue: Raga Lawns, Koregaon Park, Pune

Entry Fee: Rs.150/- per head/per day

Image Source: Za Palooza


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