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International Chairs for my Indian Office

International Chairs for my Indian Office

You guys! These days I am looking around some awesome chairs for my home office. Though Indian shopping platform has a lot to offer, there are some international ones that took my breath away. The chairs that I have mentioned below have their designer’s name in it, so it becomes highly special both in an ergonomic sense as well as in the sense of style. So will be sharing with you some of the designs that I found alluring. Here we go…


Nelson Swag Leg Armchair



Yes, it doesn’t have castor wheels, which will stop you from sliding away, but honestly, I like the design a lot. This is made by George Nelson and as you can see he has instilled a right mixture of design and comfort in one chair.


Saarinen Tulip Armless and Armchair




Designer Eero Saarinen has made sure to provide a firm base for the chair as well as a curvature at the backrest that will straighten spine and hugs the trunk part of the body.


Jakob Swivel Chair



You won’t find much difference in the design part of this chair as compared to above ones, but if you look close… this chair with spread legs and wider seat area will support any figure. It also introduces three factors in one sleek, simple and style.


Eames Molded Plastic Armless and Armchair

eames_molded_plastic_armless_chair_crimson_april Eames_Molded_Plastic_Armchair_Crimson_April


Charles and Ray Eames… the fantastic couple who are the designers behind drool-worthy furniture pieces. I adore them and their furniture designs. Just Google their name and you will see a strong wave of impeccable designs right in front of you. The wooden legs are what I heart. Nothing more to say about the chair. The replica of this chair is available in Urban Ladder for 7K to 8K… but all sold out!


Bertoia Chair



Again one among the hundreds that Charles and Ray Eames designed. I love this one too as I do not have to sit and check the comfort… it’s fairly visible via image. Also, since the inclusion of colours is a major factor, it is highly possible that you may end up buying this for your home office… me too :)

So guys which one is your pick of the day? Please do let me know if there is some other design that you have your eyes upon. Thanks for your love :) Adios!


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