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Decorating with Books for a Cozy Minimalistic Home

Decorating with Books for a Cozy Minimalistic Home


For this post, you need not be a literature lover. But, to begin with, I guess not many of you are still reading books or magazines because of the screens and a busy life. But if you do or not, you sure love to display some books in your living room and/or bedroom. I don’t mean that you are showing off, but anyway it’s good to show-off what you possess right? So for you, this post is about how to decorate your austere home in a clean, simple and organized way with books that you own. Because I know it is a bit difficult to maintain minimalism at home for a book-lover. 

I read blogs on zen living, slow living and on leading a clear-headed lifestyle (wabi-sabi). From where the awareness and importance of reading a book practically, has slowly crept its way back into my life. I do have books that I am possessive about even after reading it twice. Some books that look good. Some books that smell great. And some books that are so valuable that I want to keep them as a keepsake (collection). But since I live on minimalism, it is a bit hard to not keep all of them with me. Rather have only the ones that bring joy and means a lot to me. 

How to Organize your Book collection



So the first step to decorating your stark house with books you love is to keep only the books you really love. How to sort them out? Well, if you’re an autobiography reader, then keep the ones whose personality and aims match with yours. If you have numerous books on profession (like I have books on home decor), then keep the ones that match your style/way of working. If you have novels, well throw them all because such stories are eating your space. Except, of course, if you are an avid reader of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or likewise. But trust me, in no time you will not value them more than your change of taste on reading. 


Understand the book reading zone



Next concern would be, where to place the books to get a cozy reading zone. For which you need to first decide on, which area of your home do you feel the coziest. For many of you, it can be only one, and that is a bedroom. In that case, it is definitely a nightstand or a side table, where you’ll place the books. But if there are spaces other than that, then arrange a seating around. Am sure you are one of those also, who would love to display a rack or two filled with colourful book-spines. 


Style your Home with Books



After that, what are the ways to display the books and how to style them around? Well, if your house has inbuilt shelves then they are the best bet. Otherwise stylish wall-mounts with sleek geometrical lines are a great take on minimalistic decor. Even window sills are a great place to stack your current books if you don’t want to clutter the space with extra furniture bits. They can be styled with candles, a throw around, and a huge painting on the wall or with photo frames. And make sure to get your favorite and stylish plants to charm the book reading zone. You can also separate that section by putting up a wallpaper. 

I understand, that organizing your book collection is the biggest and ugliest frog that you need to eat first. But when that’s done, life will start to seem a bit sorted than before. After all, that is exactly what we all want in our lives; a sorted and sought-after life. I would dearly like you to throw some light here on this topic and express your opinions on the same. Have a lovely time ahead :)


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2 thoughts on “Decorating with Books for a Cozy Minimalistic Home”

  • Love these ideas. I have too many books in my house and have been looking for a way to organize them and make them look good in the rooms.

    • Thanks a lot Tes for your presence here. I am aware of the tasks book-lovers go through while decorating their homes. Basically, I give away those books that I didn’t turn towards to for more than a year. Having space at home is great for mental clarity too :)

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