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Colour Trends and Impressions Ideaz from Nerolac Paints

Colour Trends and Impressions Ideaz from Nerolac Paints

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Yoohoo!! To start with… my perception towards travelling via local in Mumbai has completely changed. For good indeed. Why was I travelling? Well, I have been delighted to receive an invitation by Nerolac Paints and attend an event at Taj Vivanta. But before the Architecture & Design Summit’17 began, I was more than pleased to be introduced to a new product by Nerolac Paints. They have summoned a great attention for their colour trends. Impression Ideaz is their newly released product for textural and designer paints for Interiors.

With the motto “My Colour My World” the engaging activities involved in the event was well explained. Honestly, I highly admired the fact they have come up with for the colour trends. 

Each ‘Interior & Exterior Colour Guide’ has 7 stories. Stories that have been well weaved with personality differences, the way of living choices and a hint of colour psychology. 

These Lifestyle stories were very inspiring for me to at least part away from all the chaos coated styling ideas. I mean, there is always room for getting confused with lovely colours though. But the colour guides will not only help you in getting connected to your core but also explains the best combinations for that. 



Well, the post is not only and majorly about the colour guide. It is rather about the trendy combinations and the designer interior walls. Extracting inspirations from nature to technology to fashion to current lifestyle impacts on colour trends, the event was quite invigorating. 

Impressions Ideaz from Nerolac Paints

This washable and stain resistant paint has taken a toll on the creative aspect of each attendee. The activity started with the professional painting a sheet. And then the attendees were called to make textures on it. Using different tools like a comb, a sponge, a plastic knife and likewise, we were enjoying and quite engrossed in bringing up patterns.

Since 1 hour is its drying time, you can always fill up the space with design on a bit calmer mode. That’s how you can liven up your walls with whatever designs suit the best for your interiors. That gives a creative freedom. Also, opts you out for spending time on selecting wallpapers. At least you would be proud of your walls when it owns a glimpse of your personality.



The best part of it is that since it involves engagement and fun, it takes out the pain of painting from your head. You just need to pick a colour and a tool. There’s a disclaimer though. Do not involve kids. Obviously, you won’t because of the paint hazards. But more than that, it is so entertaining that the kids won’t stop having fun with it. Truly.

Modern Monochrome is my favourite for Interior & Exterior Walls

I would rather be clear upfront to mention that I am not much onto monochrome though. But the colours in this section of the guide had me glued to it. Maybe it is not necessarily being only the colours. Instead, it is my drive towards minimalism that has brought me here. 

‘Modern Monochrome’ colour palette (both on the interior and exterior walls) is the one among the lot, that welcomes the textural interest the most. These cocooning wall colours become silent sentinels to luxurious wooden and metallic accents in the home decor. “Where mellow shades will allow you to focus on the tasks, the lighter tints will bring a wakeful clarity.” Backed clay, green tea, black hills mustang greys are so very sheltering colours.

Must I mention, that the idea of painting an exterior ceiling black will bring in much drama and attention. “Main walls and planes coloured in such palette give a visual strength and intrigue to a modernist’s house”. The power of exterior monochrome comes best when adorned with stone, glass and metal. Silhouette greys, browns, dusty orchid and moon whites give a ground-hugging restfulness to a contemporary house.


But I would also like to take some soft pinks from their ‘Urban Sense’ palette. And since my roots are in Kerala I feel drawn to ‘Tropical Paradise’. But to blatantly admit, pinks and greens are not something that will stick with me for longer. Whereas the shades of monochrome will :)

They say “For busy urbanites, a monochromatic home is soothing to return to”. I agree.



Among many, my takeaways from the keynote speakers are:

That a colour is the most important aspect of visual impact.

And no matter where you involve it, it will always have a subtle mixture of current changes in life and the root of an individual.

That was a knock for realisation. Ain’t it? Though being mindful about what we wear, we paint and we select things on the foundation of colours, we are equally sub-conscious towards it. I would suggest you will have a look at their happening colour trends here. I will be hopping in here soon for some splendid topics to cover. See ya!!



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