Why is it so Important to BRAND YOURSELF and How to do it?


Heya! I am back from a great trip to my hometown Trivandrum and am now all perked up to send in some awesome waves to you :) Today I would like to write about why is it so important to brand yourself and how to do it… Before which I would also like to mention, how such matter popped into my mind? Being mostly called as an introvert (and felt the same too), I was not much into going out and exploring and meeting new creative souls. Recently, I’ve been out with a friend and without her telling me, I sensed that I am missing out on so much. I’ve always felt cool and calm to stay cocoon to my room and dig into books and plans. But after meeting her I realised, that even though one cannot much and often go out of city or state, at least attending events in the same city and converting a stranger into a complete professional buddy contact, is much cooler and a calming activity. I got to know so much from people I meet, I believe we all do. All the information, experience and moments we hold, is only because of once strangers and then friends.

Why to Brand Yourself?

Now, after being free at this state and building more contacts, the importance of branding self, kicked in. For e.g. at times I have noticed while attending Bloggers Meet, when I just say hello and stand there staring on faces and listening to conversations already going around, I am not making a mark on their mind. And so, when the next time we meet again in any event, the same person meets as a complete stranger. Whereas, if I introduce myself profoundly and talk about the event or go humorous about something happening around, I know I am slowly breaking into their consciousness. Hence, makes them aware about your presence and the next time, it will be a friendly meet. Mind it… this does not caters only to bloggers or media personalities, but to each person who falls into any category of profession. An engineer needs to brand self to get an astounding job, a designer needs to brand self to get more projects and a doctor too needs to brand self to have more patients coming in… puff… just kidding. So, even in the world of digitization, the affect of a face-to-face meet is robust. Though, I will also insist on having a powerful social media branding done from your side for a greater reach and an effective name-building. Let people know you and your identity via every medium for much benefits.

How to Brand Yourself?

Now let’s dig into the situation. Who ever you are and whatever you do, if you feel that you are an introvert “because of which” you don’t feel like or feel vulnerable of meeting strangers and building strong professional contacts… is HOGWASH!! Hey because we all need inspiring personas to live a mindful life. So, branding yourself is not a herculean task, you just need to start from somewhere. The moment of stretching out your hand and introducing yourself, is the only impuissant second. Once you do that much, everything else will be taken care of. Just make sure you don’t fall short on raising topics, if the other person is not able to talk much about. After few nods and laughs together, make sure to exchange cards or phone numbers. But remember one thing NEVER EVER ask the other person to like your page, that is the cheapest statement you can bring in, because if the other person really likes who you are and what you do, he/she will surely like the page to stay updated. Don’t push harder, it creates repulsion.

Digitally… it’s good to post daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, even Youtube etc. But remind yourself of not sharing one post to all the platforms together, because then that goes very repetitive. I still do the otherwise “share to all” strategy… so I realised it looks nasty. Though not everyone are in Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest, but they all are in FB (mother of social media), so post accordingly. Branding also goes to a level, where your blog’s subscribership or website’s newsletter shows off your brand identity and should match with even the email and voicemail.

People will value you more and more if you are sharing opinions and worthy information online. And the most impactful answer to “why to Brand Yourself” is that “You are being watched”… always and everywhere. Your each and smallest of trait is being noticed, so stay true to yourself and do good to others. Hope your impact on people goes stronger and better, because as I said we all need each other for good.

And I also want to bring in to your notice, the fact that, nowadays people think quite broad-mindedly and openly. So never feel that being a male/female, if you’re approaching someone or being approached by someone in an event, is an unhealthy act. None will think that you are hitting on that person, nor should you feel or sound proudy of being approached to. Stay cool and broaden the spectrum of wonderful experience and explore the beauty of life that you are missing out on. Let’s stay connected, be humble and be grateful for each other… by branding self.


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