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How to add Enticing Blush Tones in Interiors

How to add Enticing Blush Tones in Interiors


Hello there! The first blush tone I got related to was while tossing prawns in a pan ;) Jokes apart, I have been watching blush tones since quite long in interiors. The case is, as you know, I am not a trend follower. So new things take its own time to creep on my list of catchy interiors. And that happens only when I feel convinced enough. That tells much about me. That I do practise slow-living, so there you go!

This post is curated around blush tones. This spectrum of colour covers all the subtlety of pink and sways till peach colour.  This colour was pushed into trend market by Pantone in 2016. Then, the blush pink was named as rose quartz. It may or may not have anything to do with the love for rose gold iPhone. Skipping all these talks, let me begin with the orchestra. And show you, how to add these gorgeous blush tones in interiors.

*No disclaimer for male here* ;P



Bathroom cabinets in blush tone colours will bring fresh vibes if the floor tiles and walls are painted white. But it also goes very well with forest green, if you want your bathroom to be a bit on the darker side.

Beautiful Blush tone in Interiors



The blush tones can also be selected on wall colours or wall cladding tiles. In case of a kitchen, it is better to have tiles than a wall paint. Because, in Indian kitchens, the cooking procedure happens throughout the counter. One side will have a stove, another section will have induction cooker and the third will be for a rice cooker. And if at all there is any space left then it will be filled with mixer, grinder and a juicer. So, to be honest, if there is any wall section left in your kitchen that won’t be affected by steam, water or food spills, only then go for this colour. Else, you know that the cabinets always welcome colours. Also, you will get numerous options on wallpaper designs with promising subtle blush colours.



Blush tones on fabric and upholstery are a great pick. According to urban Indian environment, I would suggest curtains and bed linens over seating upholstery and carpets. Throw pillows, tea towels and throws are considerable elements that will keep your interiors updated with fast going trends.



To conclude, why to leave behind the options where an added lick of paint will do so much more in saving money than to paint the whole room. Noticeable furniture pieces like a side table, nightstand, kids chair etc. painted in blush will look adorable. Not to mention, blush painted door like in the above image is a great idea to steal a heart. 

Blush is a colour that directs to the facial make-up. So like a blushing face will please you and looks warm and welcoming, same goes with the interiors involving this colour. But this post is more towards the tone of that colour which means the lighter and subtle colours falling under blush spectrum.

There are deeper understandings to colours than its mere presence. They play with your mood, your emotions and are very well capable to tune your thoughts. So if this blush tone doesn’t fall under your list of admiring colours, then I would highly suggest not to go for it. At the end of the day, whatever makes you happier, follow only that. But I do really hope at least somewhere, in some way this colour might have struck a good chord with you. Please do let me know how would you like to carry out this colour in your home interior. Thank you for trusting on my choices and for reading this article :) Will catch up with you soon!!


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