a special Ritual for my Blog Readers on Valentine’s Day

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Yello!! I am back again with my most heart-warming moment of the year. Each year since 2013, I love to reach up to you as a ritual. With an intention to send happiness and love to you in your “physical” mailbox via snail mail. Though I am a bit late by a day or two. But am so willing to send you a postcard on this year’s Valentine’s Day. I just feel awesome to spread love to you and somehow make your day better.




If you would equally be happy to receive a postcard with a message or quote on it, then the process goes like this; Kindly email me (at crimsonapril@gmail.com) your residential or office address with proper pin code and full address (because I’ve received inadequate ones only to know that a reader or two haven’t received it). This time of the year I am doing something additional. So on your behalf, if you would like the postcard to be sent to your friend or someone special ; Then please drop a message (in the email) that you’d like to convey. Please make it short since postcards don’t have much space to write. Don’t worry every info. will be safe with me and sent to you. So at the end, nothing remains with me :)

And there you go… I hope you’ll be delighted to jump in and respond to this post. Kindly note that this will be for first 10 Indian entrants. Only the emails received within 24 hrs. will be taken into consideration. When I mentioned ‘for the first 10 entrants’, how will you get to know that you’re one among them or not right? Well, no worries, you can just feel free to email me the appropriate address and stay rest assured that it will be in the keepsake box. You never know you too will receive something from Crimson April, someday soon :D. Have a great day to you and ENJOY!! Thank you so dearly much for all the love you bestow upon me at each passing moment. God bless you!

4 thoughts on “a special Ritual for my Blog Readers on Valentine’s Day

    1. Thanks for being here Arv. Nope, this is been bought directly from an I artist I adore. I will have my own designs published and ready to be sent for next year :)

    1. I am so aware of that fact… Thank you so much. But do let me know whenever you both will land here. Would love to meet you both. Great Valentine’s day to you two :D

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