Beginner’s Calligraphy Workshop – Pune

Beginner's Calligraphy Workshop in Pune

Hey there!! I have been a lot into artistic work these days and I know you can tell that, by having read my recent articles. Well, just to keep you posted, I have conducted one Beginner’s Calligraphy Workshop here in Pune on 19/3/16. I did conduct few workshops before in my life, but I never felt this much fulfilling… probably because I am now super-confident with my Calligraphy art. But I must broach, that the whole idea of sharing the info. and art, has filled me up with excitement.


As the article pass by, I will share few of the notes, that I feel may enlighten your general perceptions towards teaching and likewise. First being… one of my friend told me “Why do you want to teach this to people and create competitors for you?”. To which what I believed, no teacher, guru or trainer thinks this way… they always want their students rather to get wiser than them. So stepping onto a platform where you decide to share the knowledge, actually makes you stronger and builds trust towards you and your work. Honestly… you are not building competitors, you are generating ‘value’ of art/any field into the society. And that’s GREAT!! Ain’t it??


Second… the thought that yells to you “How can I make this happen?” or “Who would be interested to join in for this?”. I know at times, training or tutoring  on some odd skills, may create doubts whether to go forth with the plan or not. But to what I have experienced, there are so many out there who needs you, who needs your teaching and help and would love to learn that paradigm. I must mention… there is room for you and your talent and “the World needs you”.


Third… the big question, the one that bugs you a lot and weakens your confidence… “Am I ready to teach someone?” or “Am I there yet and talented enough to guide others?”. Well, I won’t support the fact that, you are ready if you have spent more than three years in this art/field. I don’t even want to write that, go ahead learn something in a month and you are ready to go and earn extra money by teaching bits and parts of something that you temporarily got attracted to. Rather, in this case, you must be all ears to your instincts. You will know, that you have carried enough  experience and knowledge to guide others and bring their attention towards the work that you do. You just simply have to keep putting your work in front of the world and the world will signal back to you that you are good to go forth and teach others.


I have been learning Calligraphy since more than one-and-a-half years. I started playing with Calligraphy and mixing it with colours and forms and patterns since just half an year. But the consistency and persistence, has made me believe into my work, from where the perspective of sharing the art with others, started to spread the roots. I must type-up, that I feel lot happier and pleasant with my work, post conducting the workshop. Also, which lead me to something that comforts me… that I must not post articles every alternate day to increase Alexa ranking and likewise… rather I must write to you whenever my heart pounds to.

But… if you manage to work the best on everything you do, then I am proud of you. Just keep giving more and more love and time to what you really will to do. We all need you, for whatever you do to make this planet a better place to live… in harmony :) Spread Joy. Spread Knowledge. Spread Love. Take care!!

P.S: I am on a journey to conduct Calligraphy Workshops across the country. So you know, you have the power to help me ;) Thanks a lot. Love.

Photography: Bimal Nair

14 thoughts on “Beginner’s Calligraphy Workshop – Pune

  1. That’s pretty cool Tara :). I think I was in my 4th standard when I wanted to learn calligraphy but never got around it to try. Wish even we had some workshops like this. It looks so cool :)

    1. Thank you so much for being here Vinay :) Well, particularly this Calligraphy, is way beyond the ones that we craved for in our school days. I kind of earn a major chunk of my living, by delivering design projects in this style :) Bu yes I am glad that you liked it. Will soon have one Workshop in Bangalore (on public demand) ;)

  2. You make me proud everyday my love.. Teacher Tara.. Xoxo
    P.S.- kudos to bimal bhaiya for his photography

    1. Hi Priya! You made me so happy to know that you are interested in Beginner’s Calligraphy Workshop. I will update you via email soon.

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