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Beginners Calligraphy Workshop : Bangalore

Beginners Calligraphy Workshop : Bangalore

Calligraphy Bangalore Workshop


I have been planning about something since December’16. Something that is so profound on Calligraphy. I have been conducting personal classes, workshops and taken projects on Calligraphy since four years. Always felt being in my own skin, whether while sharing that skill or to make someone’s special day more sound and luxe. I was dreaming of conducting workshops in Calligraphy throughout the country (major cities of India). And here I am beginning my 2017 with stepping one foot at a time to fulfill my dreams. Bangalore has always praised my work and asked for the workshop. So… I said, “why not??”. 

On 16th Feb’17 I decided to conduct one at Koramangala, on 25th Feb’17 ‘Saturday’ (I know it’s a jiffy act) and hoped for the best. So far two days went passed by and all I read and heard is “count me in” but saw no registrations done so far. Yes, I am feeling heavy in my heart, so I called up few angels to get my head clear. They told me not to give up and continue to move on with my plans. 


banglaore Calligraphy Workshop


My intention towards teaching Calligraphy is much more than earning exposure and money. Of course, an artist needs both to survive and succeed, but these days I was watching a lack of ‘Carpe Diem’ in people’s life. Whether kids, teens or adults, the public have lost connectivity of their brain with hands on paper to create beautiful work and enhance the spark of creative thoughts.For most of the people who know bloggers been called as influencers; people who know me better are aware of the fact that how much I love inspiring and motivating people. So this workshop is to spread the awareness about the magic Calligraphy skill will bring in their life, provided they practise it daily.

Bangalore Calligraphy Workshop

I have kept the age bar to be 18+ because I am focusing on the audience who are into business or are grads or are an employee. Calligraphy is so flexible, that it can squeeze into making someone’s day special by receiving a handwritten letter, or can bring a smile on your client’s face, design a logo, wedding invitation, artwork, affirmations, quotes, cards and what not. It definitely refines your handwriting too (when not using the authentic tools). 


Calligraphy workshop pune


To be honest, no this skill can’t be learned in four hours. Even after four years am still learning it more within. Daily practise holds the key to becoming a Calligrapher. But this workshop definitely kickstarts to make a basic foundation, to begin with. Rest all depends on how much time and effort do you put into it. To clarify, the same principle applies to anything and everything you do. Whether you want to ride a bike or develop any skill, a foundation is what always taught. To make it run better is all in your hands.

Calligraphy adds not only beauty to a written work, but also a stylish + vintage look, that enhances the gravity; hence pulling in more attention and appreciations. Of course, there are numerous fonts and scripts in Calligraphy that are digitally found. But honestly what’s the fun in when you type A and the screen shows up swirls around the alphabet without you having to feel it? After dipping the nib into an inkpot when you write an alphabet, the ink oozes out of the nib only to make your mind focus towards writing and bring in the essence of letters to you. It feels pristine.

There is so much more, that I can keep writing and be talking about Calligraphy… it is endless because it is so immensely attractive. It is a great workout for brain and a great way to sense “live in the moment”. So even if one realizes its importance or not, I know how much one is craving for it and for me it is “my precious”.

I intend to seek your help and support to spread the very news as much as you can so that I can do a deed that fills me up with love and gratitude. If you are in Bangalore, I would love to have you for the workshop. And if you are anywhere else on this planet, I hope to see you soon and shall talk more about creative living. Have a great day :D



*The booking will end tomorrow at 5 p.m*

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