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CA picks : 7 Good Looking Planters Available for Online Shopping in India

CA picks : 7 Good Looking Planters Available for Online Shopping in India


Hi there! I have written about planters that are available for online shopping in India before as well. But, as you know… each year new designs come up. Start-up companies surface up. And so is the necessity to stay updated, hits on the face. Though I am still sticking with the list I made of stylish watering cans.

In the meanwhile, if you are in touch with me at Instagram (InstaStory) you might know about Leslie. Our mid-sized lemon tree. Never in my life had I cared about plants much. So I am a buyer of all things succulent. Few of the types are showcased here. But now, because of Leslie things are changing. I am changing. For good. So this post is basically for you if you have a green thumb. And that’s why you would be interested in some stylish and designer planters. Let’s get started.


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wall mount planter


This wall-mounted planter named “Lady in Rome”, is what I picked for an ancient Italian air for interiors. It will fit in well with bohemian styling. The face is so well made that it brings in calming vibe. The raw finish will most likely to be admired in an urban and country styled home also. Plants like spider or lilyturf will go beautifully. Adorning the planter as if the lady is crowned with nature’s beauty.


urban planter


I heart the products that are made of organic materials. As you know, the earth is all we have in common. So this combination of pinewood and weathered rock mixed with serpentine clay is something that I am keen to buy. Honestly, over the time am being severely drawn away from the plastic materials as much as I can. You just begin to visualise, a place where the planters are plastic vs. a space with the above planter. It brings a perception of owning style and sense of design towards the owner. Remember, the tiniest of the details direct to biggest differences. Pick plants that are shorter in height, and are dense at the base. For e.g. zebra plant, prayer plant, dumb cane etc.

Planters for any type of Home Interiors

cement planter

Since 2015, planters made of cement is making quite a stir in the decorating spaces. This planter is best suited for succulents. And will quickly find its place on desks, mantles or nightstands. The interesting part in this planter (because of which I chose) is its shape. This hexagonal teeny piece is good for adding some dimensional factor in a space. Not to mention, those two yellow lines creates a pop effect on the visual appearance.


cane planter


If your home interiors project shabby chic styling, then the above cane planter would be a perfect match. Available in varying sizes, these planters are also eco-friendly. I have seen homes, which have characteristic styling running through the length. For e.g. eclectic decor in the living room, dark luxury in bedroom and chic in garden area/balcony. Which I completely understand. If you want to bring different feel in different parts of your home… so be it!! In that case, this planter is highly suitable. This cane planter will flatter show plants like areca palm, money plant, basil etc.


hanging planter


I can very well imagine this lab planter buttressing a creeping fig or string of pearls plant in my kitchen. As a matter of fact, this mint coloured stylish and winsome planter gives you a complete freedom with respect to space. Hang this planter in a curtain rod of any room and it sure will add up the charm. As per suggested in the picture, climbers or vines with tiny leaves are the right choices for this planter.


modern planter


Place this planter at a corner of your living room and watch it giving you an instant feeling of luxury. May that corner is beside a floor lamp on one side of your sofa. This planter has a very strong impact. It adds character to a room which might rather look a little bland. You can style a space around, by keeping this planter as a focal point. It is that charming!! Make sure to seed a plant that bears pretty little flowers to make your day pleasing.



Through my Instagram account, many of you might have got the idea about my extreme love towards dark interiors. And the best element that shines through in a dark home interior is gold. That gives the absolute luxe feel. I am drooling over this planter for its design and is a beautiful alternative to a stag skull ;) Being a wall mount planter, you can have it placed in an area where all the eyes can get pleased. As the image directs, I too sense that more than a floral plant a dense leafy one is best suited. You can always prune them to make it look this appealing.

I know it is easier to buy a planter from nearby nursery garden shops. But you might as well know that whatever comes at an easier reach is not completely worth it right?! Amid the blanket of options for planters in the online market, it took me a good lot while to pick and stick with only a few. Though I am sure, I might have missed out on many beautiful and sustainable possibilities. So, if there is any link or brand you would want me to have a look on for such planters then, please do email me or comment below. Have a splendid day ahead!!


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  • Those are the cutest planters. Great picks. And as I browse through your blog more and more (I am a first-time visitor), I am enchanted. Such an amazing face and trust me, I am trying hard not to sound as if I’m flattering you. I always thought such blogs are rare in India. Was I wrong? Definitely.
    This particular post about online shopping is pretty cool. Gotta go! Need to do some shopping for my home office. hehe

    • Hi Manpreet! That’s so kind of you to be here and write your heart out. I am glad to know that the content in my blog posts are of great use and encourage you to take action towards better interiors for your space. Thank you for being here. Hope to read more from you :D

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