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Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila recreates lip smacking recipes from AXN’s hit show Top Chef

Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila recreates lip smacking recipes from AXN’s hit show Top Chef


As much as I am a foodie. I am not an ethical foodie. I enjoy eating all the time, only if someone else is cooking. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking. I do if someone else is doing a part of the cooking session with me. Hahaha!! Psst… I heart kitchen gadgets. They are the only reason why I would like to get into the kitchen. Anyway, so when I have been invited to this event, where celebrity chef Saransh Goila (he’s a showman) recreates 3 astounding dishes from AXN’s renowned show “Top Chef”, I felt this could bring up the cooking zest in my life.



I used to watch cookery shows and MasterChef(s) in T.V. But never had I realized how much effort and skills goes into preparing a dish that sounds good, looks appealing and tastes splendid. Since shows are edited, the recipes seem fairly easy. Yesterday, while attending the event I witnessed the finesse in bringing up delectable dishes upfront. 

The concept of live cook-up session brought to us by the collaboration of AXN and Godrej Nature’s Basket was such an eye-opening and inspiring project. The recreation of top 3 recipes by Chef Saransh were:

Macarons with Guacamole


Quinoa Pasta cooked with Zucchini Salsa Verde


Jerk Halibut with Mango slaw


Chef Saransh mentioned “I started following AXN’s Top Chef since I was a student so the experience of creating the dishes from the show live at Nature’s Basket was very exciting. While it looks easy on screen, when you actually create it live you understand the efforts that goes into preparing it. For me as a chef, it’s always a learning curve to cook somebody else’s recipe.” I learned one more thing from the Chef (that’s been originated by his father) “A friend in need is a friend indeed. But a friend who feeds is the friend you need”. That pretty much winds up my intentions ;)



I got to taste all the three scrumptious dishes. And I also got to know that “cilantro” is the leafy part of a coriander plant. I thought it was such a big deal to buy cilantro. Phew!! Well, likewise, he clarified many doubts and used simple techniques to cook some of the finest dishes and encouraged people to try them out at home. Speaking of which, I received a hamper of ingredients from r.e.d.AXN to cook “Jerk Halibut with Mango slaw”. Now that’s called encouragement

Many many thanks to the event organizers, the Chef, the brands and to the team who trusted my presence at the event and unknowingly did a great deed to make me a better person… who is supposed to cook. I will continue to improve myself and so you must too. All the international dishes you got inspired from R.E.D. AXN Top Chef, can be made at your home, for which the precise ingredients are available at Godrej Nature’s Basket. Enjoy!!

Special thanks to Vivek Sankhwal for photography.



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