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9 Plants every ‘It girl’ has in her Home

9 Plants every ‘It girl’ has in her Home

It’s APRIL!!! And it’s 43ºC here in Pune… too much of summer already! When summer hits the calendar there are two things that come to my mind each year, greenery and water. Though this is the best time to buy a Christmas tree for this year because it’ll be cost-effective and it will be grown well till the festival arrives, but here I am suggesting few plants specifically for a ‘It Girl’ (a young woman who has achieved celebrity because of her socialite lifestyle). Even if you don’t belong to this criteria *puff… Who cares?? Go ahead and buy them for your style statement anyway :) So…. the Green zone begins!!




Tall Cacti is a succulent and particularly this one will add dimension to your room interiors.




Snake Plants, are also called as mother-in-law’s tongue, is instead great to be kept in your bedroom *Woot Woot*. It has all the goodness for you. It leaves oxygen in the night (unlike most of the plants & trees), it brings in better air quality and grows beautifully with least pampering demanded from a laid back owner with no green thumbs ;P




Fiddle – Leaf Fig when kept in a stunning and minimalistic pot, is only going to uplift a room’s persona. It invites dramatic effect and so has the tendency to grab the entire attention, even if you have kept something else as the focal point.




Colourful Cacti looks cute and are adorable pieces to showcase on window sills. It is a great way to add new hues in interiors.




Air Plants has an interesting fact to look at. Rather consuming water through its roots, it ingests through the leaves. Hence, instead of pouring water on the soil, it is instructed to soak the plant for two hours in a week. Cool yeah!!? Though being ubiquitous, it holds an interesting character and hence it makes up for a great holiday gift. There are so many creative ways to display this plant (psst.. search on the internet for striking ideas).




Staghorn Fern. I adore this plant because of its resemblance to the opulent animal and its possession. Since it looks so sculptural, it is quite often termed as collector’s item.




Monstera Deliciosa though has many names but is popular with its bio name itself, unlike others. It is a plant du jour on my list, yet I know that it is going to stay for a longer time in trend zone.




Silver Dollar Vine being a succulent again is winning a lot of photographers and decor blogger’s snaps. It is a great drought tolerant plant, so again not much of a hassle to maintain it.




Aloe Vera and why not?? It is a general physician of a kind that you would want to keep close and use it in most of the ailments. When kept in a designer pot, you are only thanking it for its pretty looks :)

If the things kept inside your home looks good, it definitely makes you feel good. And at the end that is all we want at each moment ain’t it? No matter how much I will promote show plants (for indoor), I strongly suggest you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden for an organic living. Also, I believe even a tiniest of an apartment has space for teeny herbs and aromatic plants. Even though we are having our shelter made on nature’s lap, but growing greens is a great way to love her back and show gratitude for the same. Any plant from above that suit your style? Or do you have your own chosen plant to bring in the spotlight here?


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