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6 of my Favourite Creative Headboard

6 of my Favourite Creative Headboard

As much as I know, we are not that much into having a headboard right? I mean we are so chill about it, that we hardly look at headboard as a matter of style. Finding ourselves so much caught up with the material the bed is made of and the storage options embedded in it, the headboard and legs of a bed is not of any concern yeah? Well, this got to change. Why? Because change is the only thing constant. (juz kidding) change because we all want a tint of design and colour element in each of our rooms. It is of high importance for one’s life. Just in case you have already invested into a grand bed, today, this blog post will show up with few of the creative and reasonable ideas and ways to have a loving headboard aka a crown to your comfortable bed.


Easy Peasy Headboard

Creative Headboard


Painting the wall is much much reasonable than buying a wallpaper to have a replacement for a headboard. Choose the colours wisely though, because you may not want to end up having a colour blast if the bedding goes extremely contrast. But yes, please do play with as many designs as possible, depending upon your characteristic likes. Also, you can repaint whenever you feel (yearly).



Flea market finds or thrift stores are heaven for any creative piece to be styled in a creative way for a home. Look at the way Mughal room divider is painted to match the surrounding walls, in a way to let the designs flaunt. Another affordable option to consider!!



Well, for many, this may feel or look cheap. But tell them that this is a bohemian look and their entire perspective will change. They might even create a photo booth session there. Keeping an option of curtain fittings on the less flashy side and changing the furnishing according to the bedding is a great liberty. You may also want to know about how to create a dream bedroom on a budget.



For not having much time to decorate is what thousands of us sense. That’s why this idea seems to be the superb one and probably the easiest way to get greatest of looks for their bed. You can play around with framing photos or quotes or something completely unusual like the map done above. Also, the variety of frames will give you good space to think and call for action.



This one, on the other hand, would be like giving a blank canvas board to an artist. Draw whatever you want. Play with colours. And if you are someone who cherish human (hand) errors and abstractness then this is the way to tell the world about it. The above one is done by using washi tape. There are more ways to get creative headboard ideas for kids rooms. I’ll say, chuck the scaling and proportions and dive right in!!



Why not DIY? Do you like to play with wood and tend to make your own furniture or likewise? Then this one seems pretty traceable of how did they do it using bungee ropes right?. (Psst… pick neon colours). You will get numerous other easy DIY creative headboard ideas on the internet.

Tell me which among the above is your pick. I hope you have enjoyed this post and currently you are thinking of perking up your bed with some creative ideas for the headboard. If yes… then don’t hold onto thinking, just do it in the coming weekend!! For the updates… I am bringing in few people in my blog team with lot more activities and new features to enjoy. So stay tuned. I will be back soon!!


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