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5 must-have things in a bedroom (according to a Feng-Shui healer)

5 must-have things in a bedroom (according to a Feng-Shui healer)

Fen-Shue bedroom things


When I was handling residential projects being an interior designer, I never was interested in plunging onto Vastu and likewise. But over the time I got inclined to Feng-Shui a little bit, actually only to get to know about ‘Chi & Qi’. I turned my home and living in a minimalistic nest, by developing a habit to keep up with only those things that I use yearly. But that is a completely different topic and I will share it soon. Today I would love to mention some things that eventually will make sense, not because the facts are shared by a Feng-Shui healer, but because it really will elevate your thought and make you consider the pointers. Let’s begin then…

a Queen-size bed

Well, there are few reasons to not to go for a king-size bed… one being that there is a split box under the mattress that is not very healing for a couple’s relationship and creates separation. Which I don’t believe in. But what does make sense is that wider the area to lie, more the gap will be between a couple. So… you know… that doesn’t mean you should buy a single bed and keep cuddling… since we all need a bit of space on some days yeah?!

an Essential oil diffuser

What smells good, feels good. I am not much into fragrant candles, because brand after brand, they have disappointed me. And also, on summers who would require an extra heat generator? That’s why I always shop for essential oil diffuser. They have very healing qualities, most of them are made from organic oil so it smells tremendously awesome, it is usable round the year and the one that I will post very soon looks luxe too. So I agree, a pleasant fragrance in a bedroom is only going to make the day better.

Flowers and Greens

How very telling!! This is truly mandatory. I have mentioned few of the beautiful and healing plants before. Include some flowers too, that will make you smile and feel great about your life :)

Journal and a pen

In most of our cases, we get ideas before we get to sleep. Or we get some inspiring clue in our dreams that we were looking for. So for all such happenings, it is a great suggestion to keep a journal/notebook with a pen beside, because you surely don’t want to lose even a single fragment of splendid thoughts.

a pair of Nightstand

It is said that if a bed is slid against a wall, then that side of the body will not be able to develop or heal. Well, I don’t kind of swallow this fact… but the fact that having nightstands will allow space for a nice flow of chi (energy in short) does sound good to me. It also does cultivate balance in a bedroom.

On this post, I have mentioned only the points that I feel is viable. Otherwise, there are pointers like placing clear and rose quartz with black tourmaline, use black notebook/journal with a red pen, use fabrics to cover electronics etc. I don’t mean that those all are pointless facts. I do agree that each one of them has some meaning and worth to it, but limiting a precious life to few pointers are just not happening. At the end, it’s all what you believe in. But the noted things are good to have around inside a bedroom ain’t it?


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