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Hello folks! Long time ago I mentioned about the craft arts of Kashmir and about few months ago I wrote about how to give your home a look of Kerala. So today in this post I have amalgamated the two of the posts for the ‘Home Look series to bring the authenticity of different Indian cultures into your home decor. So if you don’t know where to begin… well shopping is the only way out :) Before which, I would like to mention that Kashmiris have less of furniture in their home… because they like to eat and greet by staying grounded. So not much homes will have sofas or dining tables. You can see our home for that matter ;) Though that doesn’t mean they don’t buy them…. rather they rarely use them.

There are only few art practices that falls into the design part for Kashmiri home decor products, but they are all so rich, ethnic, bright and gorgeous, that you will not miss anything else. Let me count on them… Paper Mache, Chain Stitch, Copper-ware Crafts and Walnut Wood. Now let me take you on a tour, that will please your eyes so much that, not only you will want to buy them, you may even end up having yourself visiting Kashmir to just go mad on shopping there :) Let’s do this together buddy…



I have started with this, is because, Kangri is a vital and common piece at Kashmiri homes. Like when you see an apple logo and that defines everything about a company, same is with Kangri it is more than a logo that defines about a home, having an essence of Kashmir.

Paper Mache collection

kashmiri_paper_mache_treasure_boxes_crimson_april kashmiri_paper_mache_tumblers_crimson_april

They sell this hand-painted art-form on trinket boxes, glasses, jewellery boxes, bowl sets, spice tins, candy boxes, hand mirrors, incense stick stands, water jugs, diyas etc. They look gorgeous and most of the designs will have bright blooming flowers throughout. Generally a female would want to buy all the items from a store filled up of paper mache products, but at times when the beauty captures you so much that you can’t really sectionalize such action into any gender category. I have shared with you the in-depth knowledge on how paper mache products are made.

Chain Stitch Embroidery collection

kashmiri_chain_stitch_embroidered_throw_pillow_cover_crimson_april kashmiri_chain_stitch_embroidered_pouffe_crimson_april

Yes, I too am in love with the above pouffe. But if I will have them, a bell will ring in my mind every time someone sits on it ;) You will find this art also on rugs, throw pillow/cushion covers and wall decorations/hangings. If not flowers, but the patterns that are used are filled up with loud colours and still it will please your eyes, because all such work sits on mild backgrounds. Again the work looks ornate and hence elevates the value of the products.

Copper-ware collection


This is called Kashmiri Samovar, a kettle used to prepare Kehwa and Nun chai. I have mentioned about how Kandkari work is done on copper ware, and this is done also on sweet & serving bowls, spadles, spoons, glasses, cup set, fruit bowls, tray etc. If you will have them in your kitchen, the standard of look will raise massively, not because it’s copper ware, rather because of the craft-work done on them. It’s an exclusive craft done by master-smiths from Kashmir.

Walnut Wood collection


Walnut wood work are now-a-days got easily replaced with Sheesham, and such boxes & furniture are found in some general craft melas and  basement stores. But when you will realise the difference between the material, you will know which one to choose and buy. The wood-carved products are thankfully available across the country, but am not sure if they all are made of authentic walnut wood. You will find this art on bowls, trays, storage boxes, decor products, vase, incense stick stands, tables etc.



Kashmiri carpets are famous across the globe and why not, they look wonderful. Have them in your living room and people will not have anything negative to point on, cuz they will be mesmerized enough ;)

What I have witnessed is that, the patterns and designs on any Kashmiri home decor products, will have more of flowers… beautiful flowers. And also that each art-forms costs higher in value, that is because they are all hand-done and also that they are all pretty intricate work. I have seen the glass lens of most of the workers, they are thick as wall, which directs to the fact that how much the eyes strain while curating such amazing designs. I hope these things will fascinate you for better :) So please tell me… Which one are your favourites among them. Have you ever been to Kashmir? Yes? How was your shopping experience there? I am hereby leaving you in utter awe. Enjoy the moment ;) Namaskar.

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Bimal Nair Photography #madeofgreat


Hey! Generally am not much of a contest participant. But this one from Tata Motors has given me the opportunity to write about my brother. I was longing for something like this. Though waiting for a contest to write about my brother may not sound good, but the reason to that is, as you know I am a  Decor Blogger, so I love to please my readers by posting articles into that niche… only…so yes… anyways.


My brother… Mr. Bimal Nair has always been my role model. Not only because he quit serving to an IT company for six years being a software professional, so that he can become a famous photographer, but also since he is the closest business-minded guy whom I have seen starting from the scratch to attain a good name in the photography industry.


We meet everyday morning, for a cup of tea, and chat for hours about creative industry, ideas and brainstorming to extend our wings in our respective talents.


I have seen a ‘part’ of fluctuation in him, that I have always seen in myself. The only difference is I swing in the wide spectrum of creativity and he swings within a very confined path i.e. photography. I sway from being an interior stylist to a decor blogger, to a calligrapher to what not and in his case it’s wedding to maternity to new-born to kid’s photo shoot. Yet he covers all four and more.


I have asked him before, why this niche, why not nature and wildlife n all (cuz I love that), to which he answers “I love capturing human emotions”. Oh heck yeah! He is damn good at it.


He reads a lot of autobiographies of business people, he watches videos of ’em, he takes projects even when something important goes on in his personal life, that makes me know, how much he is into his lenses and bizz. Though at the same time, he is a great caretaker, very down-to-earth and becomes a kick-ass teacher when it comes to motivating me or keeping me in track with my work.


I have a lot of people around who inspires me everyday, in so many ways into artistic skills. But my brother holds the magic, when it comes to staying rock-solid in values and laser-focused in work. He is indeed passionate and so much in love with his talent.


In most of the cases, I have seen people who are superb either in their professional or in their personal life. I always look upon to him as a master who balances everything in his life, that he loves, admires and give importance to… efficiently. And so why I feel very connected to him because he brings the change in me everyday that keeps me determined to my work & my life. God! Am so used to him ;)


This is a very personal part of my life, that I have shared with you, in a hope that, this post will strike a chord within you to see who has inspired you through thick-n-thins of your life and whom do you aspire to become. Do you know someone, who made you feel so grateful to have him/her in your life? Please do let me know cuz I love to read such stories. Also you can win an Amazon voucher worth 750/- by answering to: What do you think of Tata Motor’s association with Lionel Messi? (comment below before 26th Nov.’15 , 11:59pm)

Image Courtesy (FB): Bimal Nair Photography