Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Pune for those running on a tight budget

Hello people!  I generally receive frequent visits from my friends and natives who stay outside Pune and they all prefer to stay in bed & breakfast hotels rather than staying with me, which I can understand they want to give me some space and privacy to themselves. So in such case I always come across the obvious questions… one among them is affordable options in B&B hotels at Pune. So I thought of sharing the data here, so that if you feel like visiting Pune someday… especially to meet me ;) this info will guide you fairly.

In my case affordability must match some level of standards. May it be a home or a hotel, the kitchen/pantry and bathroom are the two areas that helps me decide on whether it will be a good experience to stay there or not. Though the food that these hotels will be offering doesn’t reach up to my knowledge or experience, but I am sure that the stay will be worth the value. I am providing the details of budget hotels in Pune according to the places that are best to stay at.

Kalyani Nagar: 


This area is super close to Koregaon Park, which you must have heard because of Osho Center and German Bakery. It’s close to Pune station, a pretty posh area and very lively part of Pune too. Here you will get a lot of options for B&B hotels due to the international visitors, but I am going to share one which will give you a good stay and ease on your wallets. 14 Square is what I choose, preferably because it is an impressive serviced apartment for a pretty reasonable price.

Viman Nagar:  


As the name suggests, it is fairly near to airport land of Pune naming Lohegaon. This place is flourishing with good-looking spots both in terms of historical place and shopping plazas. Again here you will find a heavy stream of hotel options, but when compared in terms of money, comfortability and complementary benefits… Hotel Eco Inn is the one I would like to pick.



Even though this place is far secluded from major transport areas in Pune, but it is currently the biggest hub of IT people and masterminds. It is a city on its own and the way it is designed and maintained is very impressive. Along-with a quiet place to stay, Hotel Niraali offers good service with pleasing amenities.

Shivaji Nagar:  


This place is known as the heart of Pune which also adds a major bus stand and a railway station. Now I have always noticed that the hotels nearby to the bus and railway stations are not much impressive, but I am satisfied with the experience Centurion Inn has given my friends. It’s a good hotel to stay as it offers cozy interiors, clean space and is friendly to the wallets too.

I believe if the place you visit is awesome but where you stay goes worse… the overall experience will be rated pathetic. So choose the hotels wisely, no matter wherever you go and no matter if it costs you a bit more. Be safe and stay happy.

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Femina Believe Event-Pune

Hello guys! Today it was raining beautifully in Pune and that reminded me of the same weather when I attended an event named Femina Believe by Times of India Group. This event was the launch of their stream of workshops (more details here) to be introduced in Pune. They have fantastically secured their learning academy for women in Mumbai and Delhi, specializing in workshops in make-up, personality development, communication skills and dining etiquette.

Femina-Belive-Crimson-April                                                                          I have been given a surprising opportunity to attend this event… surprising to me because it was all about beauty and make-up. Yes, so even though I blog majorly about home décor and personal experiences, I said yes to Daljeet (her email invitation was inspiring), as this can also be a totally new experience to me. She is standing behind me in the photo below.

Daljeet_Femina_Believe_Crimson_April                                                                     For all those who don’t know much about me… my personal traits will get revealed in this post. So here I am, I have never ever in this life have applied make-up on my face. You might doubt on that, but buddy that’s a hard-core fact about me.  I like to remain simple and love to be always in street style (casual). Psst… Especially when I came to know that even French women do not prefer make-up… it’s good to feel a bit global ;)

Femina_Believe_Workshop_Crimson_April                                                                       So as soon as I entered the zone, I saw high heels, gorgeous girls, red lipsticks, LV bags and fashion dresses. I was like… am I looking like someone who just got picked up from a science lab and got dropped here… accidentally. But in a fraction of moment I felt the friendly vibe coming from all the fashion bloggers who were attending the event.

I didn’t feel inferiority complex, I didn’t feel as I am someone from a different planet… because the event’s name was in the air… Femina Believe. So it was like cherishing all varieties of ‘feminine’ there. It was fun chatting with Daljeet and Shanaya. Happening souls they truly are.

Amrit_Kaur_Make_Up_Artist_Crimson_April                                                                      We all then got introduced to international make-up artist Amrit Kaur. The best moment in the entire event was when Amrit asked me my blog’s name and my answer made her say “Oh I have seen your blog then… good good”. I really don’t know if she liked my blog or not, but seconds of her presence was more than satisfying for me… obviously because she is internationally renowned guys!!

Femina_Believe_Make_Up_Workshop_Crimson_AprilAnyways, we then proceeded to attend the workshop. By the way have you seen the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’? Well, while Amrit was training us on all the make-up related topics… the jargon(s) were hitting my brain like a bullet. I was not able to get connected with the session, just because I was completely unaware about the products e.g. concealer, make-up base, foundation’s variants etc. And I was unable to be attentive to it, and so the pictures of flying dragons… toads in a pond… fiery angels… I don’t know what all was going on in my brain. I believe a class of math & physics would have caught my attention to at least 50%.

Amrit_Kaur_International_Make_Up_Artist_Crimson_April                                                              Though I must admit guys Amrit is a wonderful soul to be around with. She is beautiful, talented and her personality is impeccable. My absence in the world of make-up so far was a strong point on missing the absolute knowledge shared by her.  She was clearly explaining everything from the basics to the core fundas. And I loved one tip on completing the tail of eye-liner (being a Maliyali thankfully I knew what is it) and not to leave it in midst. More about make-up is defined in Shanaya’s blog. She is lovely I am taking her help.

Femina_Believe_Food_Crimson_AprilShayh!! I missed it. I love food more than anything else… terms & conditions apply. There was much to this event, but I had to leave (because the even got a bit delayed due to some reasons). I have been handed over a goodie bag by L’Oreal. I will post about it too.

Make_Up_Femina_Beliave_Crimson_AprilThough I was aware about the fact that I must not jump into some other field without having much knowledge about it, but I believe sometimes by taking some different or unknown path… will lead you to have a better experience or teach you something that you may use later in life. So I will start using make-up bit-by-bit and let’s see how that transforms my personality. If you have same kind of experience to share… please do guys, I would love to know :) See you soon Tata!!