Unused and Forgotten Things at Home

You guys! Since childhood I have seen many things that are bought on purpose and within a week’s time they are forgotten. Today I will be sharing with you some of those products that we usually buy in complete excitation and then we keep them packed in a box for months to come. Some are opened at ‘extreme need’ times and some are specially meant to be for show-off. So, let’s get to know few of them…

Topping the charts… Vacuum Cleaner


Caught you Haha! I know you can relate to this situation within seconds. So the story goes like this, we buy carpets… we buy vacuum cleaner for them… we use carpets for more than 2 months and give it to dry-cleaners. That’s how the vacuum cleaner safely finds a place and fit in there for quite long; When suddenly while cleaning home, you will find the buried piece. Guys… don’t buy them, if deep down you know that you won’t use them. It covers only cons like acquiring space, empty your wallet and brings the guilt-factor or rather… regret to you.

Music System

BOSE Sound Link Mini

Oh yeah!! Boys feel it. Well, it’s not only about gents, as a human being we all love music and our mood changes according to what tune you listen, so if you have bought one… then please by all means use it. I do not have a separate music system, but my Mac fills up the need. So whenever I am blogging, cooking, crafting or greeting guests… I make sure the music is around. I read somewhere “Life is beautiful when it has a background music”. Live it Love it Play it.

Crockery/Dinner Set


For all those ladies who buy these sets only to show-off or to use at special occasions, you are wasting time & money with it. If such set has attracted you from the farthest corner of a showroom, then it means that you loved it. So it is special for you and that’s why please do not wait for any occasion or guest’s arrival to use that set. For all reasons unpack it and use it, at least once in a week or two weeks. I too adore crockery and ceramics and even I too display and show-off the pretty collection in a glass armoire, but I do use it whenever I feel great or rather I use it just to feel great :)

Aroma Candles


Even this one covers the same part as mentioned above. We buy flashy and super special things, pack them and keep them in a corner only to make it come alive in front of guests. But what about us?? These things are bought by you for you and until you feel that ‘everyday is special’, nobody will help you feel it more. The power of fragrance is equally strong to make you feel good every-time you enter your home. These days there are so many ads for body deodorants… you smell good… what about your home? Does it?

String Lights


Ahh… I SO LOVE them. I feel like having them lit in all my rooms… even in kitchen. It tickles me whenever I see it and takes me to a magical world mixed up with my childhood. Even lights play a vital role in tuning your moods and charging you up. So guys, they are not meant to be used only on festive days like Diwali, Christmas etc. instead if these lights make you feel like festival is around, then what’s the harm in feeling the same everyday?

I would like to shift your focus and ask you one question… have you ever sensed why can’t you stand even a moment in some hypermarkets? Well it’s because of the lighting and their constant announcements of offers. As compared to which you would like to spend more and more time in some fancy clothing shop in mall, just because they give you a glad ambience to enjoy…

What do you think, apart from the above listed things, is there something you cherished buying and has been some months since you saw it or used it? Please do let me know your feelings on the same and what else should be added to this list? Have a fun time ahead guys. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy life! Adios.

Cross Stitching

Hey guys! I was on a search mode for my throw-pillow covers recently and all I was getting in offline and online shops was the same repetitive prints of flowers, quirky stuff and Mughal inspired ones. I am a bit particular with having those things at home that seems rare. The best way to achieve that look is to shop while travelling different zones of state or country, but it’s been quite sometime since that phase has come in my life. Anyways, embroidered fabrics also cost a lot. So, my search was still on, and then a thunder stroke me (fake one obviously) which lead me to a thought of making the cover on my own.


In my sixth class I learnt cross-stitching at summer vacation time from my neighbour. I loved the process of stitching, the blunt needle, the special cloth used, the look and feel of it etc. and I never forgot the art. So I thought of going for it; as almost nowhere have I seen the cross-stitched throw-pillow cover. And if it would have been on sale anywhere, then I am sure it must be pretty costly because of ‘hand-sewn’ tag. So I went to a craft store at city’s local market (not mall, cuz you won’t get them there) and I bought the required materials. The cloth comes at 30 to 50 Rs./meter, coloured threads are of 8 to10Rs. each and needle… may be 2 Rs. each. All you need more than these is patience.


These days you will get lot of images to check-out for in terms of cross-stitching patterns. Since, I was in non-selling mode, so I found one image that I liked and used the image to sew the pattern on the cloth for making throw-pillow cover. You can even check-out my Pinterest board for patterns that I love.


Just like, my work in iMac don’t long for more than 20min., even in this case I made sure, that I will stitch only for 20 min. straight and will then take a break. The above work took me four days to complete, since I was having other creative work deadlines too. And at the end I was deeply satisfied with what has it came upto.


Eventually, I was having fun while stitching.  So I thought of doing some fun work with it and I continued to stitch for four more days and I made the above one. It now is hung in my kitchen… away from the cooking section. In making them, I have used Anchor threads as they don’t bleed the colour onto the cloth after washing and the colour stays vibrant for a long period of time.

This work strains like quilling does… brings pain to eyes, shoulder and neck… so if you too want to learn and practice please do take break after every 15 min. I am sure you will also enjoy making some cute patterns and implement them for your personal use.

You can learn cross-stitching with the help of WikiHow. If you want me to do this job for you then, I will surely come up with a video soon. So please let me know. And hey! How is your creative life moving? Would love to see your cross-stitch work sometime soon… so please do share :) XOXO