My Favourite Glamping Spots in India

Hi guys! It’s been a good lot time since I have travelled somewhere far and different. I am still planning for the same so that I can share some more gorgeous insights of nature with you… by the way are you guys there on Instagram?? Then you might want to check out my account… well, you never know, you may like it :) Getting back on travel topic… I recently came across a term “Glamping” and I felt that I don’t know since how many years was I unaware of it.

Actually it doesn’t really matter much to an ammeter traveller like me. But still I thought of sharing the info. with you. So a “Glamping spot” = Glam+Camping spot, some call it tent too, but when it comes to “luxe” added then Glamping is a fairly good name given ;) Yes, it is a luxurious stay at tent. Well, as much as most of us desire to live in a bungalow than in an apartment, there are travellers who doesn’t wish to have their stay in a room followed by a corridor (Okay I made this up!). But really, nobody stays in a hotel for long, still if given a scenic view right in front of your tent, you may want to relax a bit more there and be grateful for the moment.

So I managed to research, select (my fav.) and edit some gorgeous glamping sites out of the crowd of business and opulence. Check ’em out!!

Chhatra Sagar – Aakeli – Rajasthan

chhatra_sagar_glamping_rajasthan_crimson_april Chhatra_Sagar_ Tent_interior_crimson_april

I liked the way they kept the interiors of Chhatra Sagar look so attractive, by filling the entire furnishing part with Rajasthani folk art prints. Though the resort is quite spacious and luxurious with all the amenities, but still it doesn’t look like every other stay zone in Hotels.

Otter Creek – Mandrem – Goa



Why I got attracted to Otter Creek is because of the calming interiors, that resembles a country-cottage look and I am very much in love with that look. It may not seem luxurious to you, but it indeed is… not only with amenities but also with the nature outside.

Shergarh – Kanha National Park – Madhya Pradesh


Shergarh Tented Camp Bedroom Interior India Accommodation Crimson April 12

I liked Shergarh tent-resort the most in that area, because of the interiors that is so close to the ethnicity of Madhya Pradesh and it’s culture. The Cane doors, partition and flooring, roots you to the place and makes the stay so calming.

Grassroots – Wayanad – Kerala

grassroot_glamping_kerala_crimson_april.jpg grassroot_glamping_wayanad_kerala_crimson_april

As soon as I see coconut tree in any pic. I feel at home already :) Well, this glamping site naming Grassroots is quite captivating and the interiors is really impressive. Though the set-up doesn’t really look as if it is in Kerala, but this looks so much satisfying that it at-least doesn’t give the repetitive Hotel look.

Banjara Camp – Sangla – Himachal Pradesh

banjara-camps-sangla-himachal_crimson_april Sangla_Banjara_Camp_Crimson_April

Inside Banjara camps, the room looks so cozy and beautifully arranged. I feel the Kilim right beside the bed is kept not only for the purpose of styling the room, but also to keep one away from catching cold by the misty weather in Himachal Pradesh. Also, though I don’t know whether the shawl hung on the coat-hanger is for the photo-shoot only or not… but it’s the echo of generosity and beauty of the people there.

Kohima camp – Kohima – Nagaland



Kohima camp… amidst such a dense forest, I had no idea someone can even start a business of camping there and that too with such a pristine interiors, luxury and amenities. But… they made it and they did it for us, because obviously this is a very good link between nature and grandeur in a balanced state :) I loved it!

Tsermang Eco Camp – Leh – Jammu & Kashmir 



Leh-Ladakh attracts me more than any other place (as of yet). And staying in Tsermang with a taste of the local things and prints is even better. I liked almost everything about this room, it’s airy, comforting and especially the blanket-chest (storage at the foot of the bed) also called as cedar-chest, speak about the folklore of Leh.

I hope you guys liked this post. So, I would like to know… have you ever knew/heard about this term “Glamping” before? What do you think about the idea and creativity, they have generated in making our stay remarkable? Do let me know guys, cuz it feels really great to chat with you here :) Ciao!!

*All the images are taken from their respective websites*

Stylish Mirrors available on online stores for your Home


Hello people!! Whenever we talk about home interiors or shop for the same, we often leave the mirrors far behind, because we are so much obsessed with the furniture, furnishings and storage… rather our concern have always been storage, even if we do not have much furniture or furnishings present. So I have come up with a shopping list on mirrors that will definitely grab your attention and you would love to have them at your home. For sure! Let’s check them out…

Please click on the image to reach the respective shopping destination :)


This convex mirror just wins me at one go. But if you would like to invest your money in it, then you got to make sure that the view that appears on the mirror should be a gorgeous room, because you won’t need convex mirror for a good-looking you :)


So if you are a leather lover and you have almost everything but leather, then this will be an additional taste to hang onto or if you already have everything in leather, then this will be a perfect match! It depends on what is your perspective towards styling a home. But either way, you will win the game :)




Sea lovers, beach lovers and even pearl lovers can show off their interests through this mirror. It becomes so obvious that some of the rarely seen materials at home directs the visitor towards what you cherish the most in your life.


Got mad already watching so many circular mirrors? Then hop on to this glazy mirror. It is artistic, catchy and in a different shape that won’t bore you easily.shell_mirror_fabulloso_crimson_april

Now, even though you can’t see a mirror in there, you gotta space behind it to place a mirror and a candle. How cool is that?? I wished they could have taken one image with implementation of mirror and candle… since visualizing in these can be hard for many people out there. But this will look mesmerising when used perfectly.


This floral pattern in metallic colours and material has took my breath away. The petal outlines is trying to convince me that the mirror is not round at all… This mirror will look awesome, even if you will not style it this way. 


This can’t be used completely as a mirror, but it will do it’s job effectively and that is to reflect light, make the space airy and light and what better than having these Mughal-time inspired patterns on it. The chipped-off paint on it’s surface gives it a vintage look and will suit your home, if you have brought that vibe already.  


I prefer this one to be a must, but only in bedroom. Another way to make yourself feel queen, and if you are a man well you would like to have it to impress your female (friend, partner, relative etc.) Girls love these and yet only few have them… we don’t care about ourselves… do we?


Ahhaa… this is royal, luxe and gives a strong vibe of sophistication. The intricate work on the mirror, rather the designer mirror is so classic that it takes me to Victorian times. So if you adore that era, that style and charm, then you must go ahead for this.

So what do you feel… how important or rather neglected is mirror in your home? Do you own a designer mirror? Which one among the above did you like the most? Please share your views with me here, as reading your comments and responding to them is what I love doing the most :) See you soon!!