Hello guys! I hope world is lovely around you. Today in my shopping bag I have Graphicurry. It is the art zone of Prasad Bhat who runs the studio and store which has a collection of creativity with a great combination of hand-drawn caricature and graphic designing. Especially featuring astounding celebrity faces. Know more about the same here. graphicurry-crimson-april                                                                                                    At Zaa Palooza 2013 I just passed through his stall and then I realized about something that I quickly got amazed with. So I bounced back and bought the poster (below one) to gift it to someone dear who is crazy about Johnny Depp :) johnydepp_graphicscurry-crimson-april                                                       I must say there is more to invest your time in and treasure out the best for you. So check out their cool online store. You can also connect with them at Graphicurry FB page. Go ahead… shop more and please do share what you bought. Have fun!

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Quick Kitchen Fixes

Hi! After so long, I finally got time to blog about the topic, which comes under my skill set. So today I will give you some kitchen updo guidelines for a feel good factor to you and friendly to your near & dear ones. Let’s start with kitchen design.

open-shelving-in-kitchen-crimson-april                                                                                                            I always wondered on why people go for complete modular kitchen. All things packed and inspire to peek for more. I suggest you to imply open shelving and clear glass cabinets (please no texture on it). Show off your lovely cutlery set and treasured ceramic pieces. My kitchen has melamine & plastic boxes and vessels too and I majorly keep them in vision because those are the things that brings color to the kitchen in my rented apartment.

herbs-in-kitchen-crimson-april                      I am utter serious in the matter of adding plants/flowers/herbs on your kitchen window-sill. It gives such a fresh feel. A must try factor. Because somehow I feel that tomato or coriander sprouts make you feel happy… 

lighting-in-kitchen-crimson-aprilEffective lighting in kitchen is one major issue we all skip on considering. One CFL or tubelight won’t do. Thankfully refrigerator has inbuilt or else we would have always worked on as is. Vary the lighting by using one ceiling light and a strip of light in between the area; above counter-top and below the wall cabinet. Make sure on placing aromated candle lights on the far stretch corners.

name-the-boxes-crimson-april                                                           Last one but very important. I have heard my father saying to my mom, brother to my sister-in-law and my own fiance to me “arey wo haldi ka dabba kahan rakha hai?” (where did you keep the turmeric powder?). Well if you too want to get rid of the same dialogue then please do upgrade your kitchen boxes, cans & everything else by naming them. It will also be useful for the guests who have planned to stay for a while

I hope these quick fixes, will make your world a more wonderful place for cooking. What do you think, is there any other point that will help further? Please do share in comments :) Be happy! See you soon.

Image Courtesy: Flickr (my camera gone for servicing)

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