My love for Teepee(s)

Hey! A quick Hi! with a quick post. I have been wanting to write on Teepee, since my last interior designing project (July 2014). Yes!! Quite long, but nevertheless Finally!! Since the day I found about this cute stuff, I wanted...

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Stylish Watering Cans

Stylish Indoor Watering Cans

OLÀ! So guys, summer is killing it yeah? And we are getting so much possessive with water now, that 86% of people in Pune, didn’t play with colours in Holi. Don’t know where will all this lead to, so am 50-50 happy...

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Calligraphy FAQ

What all work do you do in calligraphy? I own a line of products for selling Artistic products like wall arts, gift tags, greeting cards etc. and provide services like custom-made Wedding Invitation Suite, Logo Design, Book...

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