After So Long

Tara-Nair-Crimson-April    Hi everyone! It feels so good to see you here after so long. I first realized ‘the gap’ as soon as I logged in; the last post was published on 4th of September’14. And to a certain extent I don’t feel ashamed of bringing in such a silence in my blog archives. As I have always believed in the fact that ‘whatever happens it’s for the good’. So, I now feel great that the break from blogging was not actually an intentional break taken; rather I was in the tunnel long of experience zone which has lot of story and happenings involved. I am very pumped up to share each bit of it, but it’s not an excuse neither an explanation for the interval, it is definitely going to bring a lot of messages to be earned while travelling life.


Its been one whole year since I started blogging full-time. And this one year has given me a big boost in my career of blogging. Wonderful experiences I must mention. This happened because of you guys. Your honesty of giving value to my blog has made me achieve big opportunities and I would love to serve my knowledge for your gains in a better way. Now, I feel to be in a surrounding that holds me so close to my fellow blog readers and my blogger friends again. I missed you all. Will be around here… constantly, forever for you guys. Love you and thank you so much for your kind comprehension and support.

Got Published in the Newspaper

Hello everyone! I have an exciting news to share with you. I have always mentioned you my feelings towards having your comments in my blog-posts. I love it! So, you can definitely gauge my reaction towards getting a mail from a newspaper company. Yes! I received a mail from Ritu Goyal who is a journalist in ‘The Golden Sparrow’ weekly newspaper, Pune. You can read it online here before Saturday. Her approach made me jump off from my home-office chair and cheered me up for rest of the days to come.


Ritu’s colleague named Ishani Bose is the one who interviewed me and the photography work was done by Bharat. This moment was super. Though there were many questions on my mind e.g. how strong is their readership, how many will call me for interiors project after reading the newspaper, how many will follow my blog etc. But you know what, one major factor that we all must remember is that, keep doing your best and everything else will be taken care of.

I must mention, it feels awesome when a page (having your article) in the newspaper is shared with the one having George Clooney ;) It’s a prominence that I am glad and grateful to accept and that I received it not only from their side, but also from you all. Thank you the most from the core of my heart for your each visit, like, comment and follow. Will see you soon. Take care… God bless!