Handle an Event chaos


Hi guys! As you all might know, I have recently attended an event by Peroni, from where I have learnt quite a lot of matter related to the action, reaction and behaviour that occurs while attending an event. Well, I am no near psychologists who studies about human behavior, but at least I can tell you what ran within my mind, when I attended the event.

In my case, it was a complete drift there. Because as soon as I entered, there were no Indian to whom I can approach (apart from the staff). I was in a mode of having “starting problem” viz. where to sit, whom to approach, what to do now etc. 

When I attended Renault Duster event, I found fairly friendly people. Some of them were, though a bit startled but at least tried to introduce themselves to the others. Such moves are taken by people, generally when they see someone alone, but again, same is not the case with everyone. Some people don’t approach others even when they see anyone alone, especially in the case of opposite genders. 

Whereas when, I attended Askme event I felt grateful that Rathina was there with me, because I saw people coming in groups and were sticking with each other. Had I witnessed Rathina’s absence, I would have left the event way before it ended. Normally, it is a bit difficult to break the ice and jump into the spherical zone made by a group. 


The event I attended in Westinhad only French and Italian attendees, which further made me learn some real good facts. When I eventually got introduced to them by the event manager (Italian again), they asked me why was I sitting alone there. My answer (being obvious) was related to language and culture difference. But they were friendly enough to ease me with the fact that “whenever and wherever in the world, you are attending a gathering, alone or not, always make a move to mingle with others”. That’s great to know!

I remember, in one of the events before, I attempted to advance towards a certain group for introduction and intentionally to build contacts, they scanned me through their eyes, as if I am an alien asking to leave the place. Now, this case happens majorly when you fall into the same gender, because otherwise we are rather pleased to have your kind approach ;)

Usually, whenever we (the bloggers) attend a blogger’s meet, as soon as we step in, we hurtle to find the comfort zone by having known by someone or vice-versa. If such thing doesn’t happen, again depending on the personality we hold, we either wait for the purpose of event to end, have food and leave or we try to break-in some group or launch ourself in front of someone who seems to be solo and stay there for longer hours… provided one enjoys the company.


In the recent event, when the evening was settling with more arrival of non-Indian attendees, I thankfully had a person (Heba from Egypt) to exchange talk about our general lifestyle in our respective countries. So, while we were talking, I experienced that the each entry made by people, lone or not, they introduced themselves to us, had a few sip of drink together and went ahead to meet and greet the other attendees present there. 

I was like “WOW!! Aisa bhi hota hai?” That was a great feeling and my neurons were highly activated as if I have entered a completely different world. Because I have never been a part of such a happening meet. These people were not having even a trace of vulnerability in their action, behaviour and expressions, while greeting strangers.

I don’t know, I don’t what to point towards being Indian, but may be we all have been taught by our seniors of all level, that somehow relates with us being nervous in a place where you don’t know anyone. I believe there is no harm in at least starting with the process of letting each-other know about self. I think, we are too caught-up, held back, think too much and become vulnerable… or wait… is it the cell-phone+virtual world where we rather feel more comfortable being at?


The only way to chuck these feelings, is that even before it builds-up in your brain, easily walk-over to the nearest person or group and gently try to grab their attention by saying “Hi!” or “Hello” with a generous smile and there you go… all else will fall into place, and you will be able to sense the vibe coming from them which will further guide you with the info. of whether to stay or shift to other people out there. Oh yes! There is also something called sixth sense, that will make you decide whom to approach, even when you are in the midst of strangers.

Tell me guys, have you felt the same while attending any event? What else were your steps? Your suggestions are heartly welcomed here. Please do let me know more about you on this :) Stay connected. JUST DO IT!