Calligraphy Launch

Calligraphy_Envelope_Addressing_Pune_India_Crimson_April    Hello folks!! Aaha… I feel so good to be back here since my last post on ceramics. Whenever I visit new blogs I check the date of their recent post, not to judge, but to know, how fresh does it feel to be there. So apparently, I sensed it’s been nine days since I posted something here and was missing the very activity to get in touch with you guys. Well, this post is just to update you with what all went in the meanwhile and to mention that you are an integral part of my life.

Calligraphy_Quote_Secret_Pune_India_Crimson_AprilThis month of August got started with a very diverse thing that I ever did in my life and that is launching my Calligraphy work in the business line. I did so by participating in an event as a stall owner. Pune Urban Village UnConference (PUVU community) gave me a chance to enter into the world as a Calligrapher artist and so my 2015’s friendship day went superb with the immense love, support and generous response from the people who got introduced to my stall.

Calligraphy_Handwritten_Wedding_Card_Design_Pune_India_Crimson_AprilI have added few illustration work into the designing of some wall art quotes, envelope addressing, wedding invitations, menus etc. I have also started with logo designing. Few from the collection is shared here, the rest will be landing soon.

Calligraphy_Quote_Unknown_Pune_India_Crimson_AprilNow I am recovering from my four days of cough & cold series ;) and am ready to take over my sweet world with my love for Calligraphy. I hope you guys are with me on this. By the way, how was your days going? Anything special that I missed on??

Calligraphy_Menu_Design_Pune_India_Crimson_AprilI missed your presence here, but I never missed your love and kindness towards me and my blog. Thanks for being here for me and I love you a lot. God bless you. Fill your life with happiness. Vale!

Beautiful Ceramics available for online shopping in India

Hey you! Since long, I admire the art of pottery and so I planned to take up a course for it, just like my other craft hobbies, but then it never happened. Never mind. I have gone through some doubt clearance regarding the difference between pottery and ceramics. What I have learnt from here is that “Ceramics is a general term that includes pottery. Pottery is an entry-level work whereas ceramics is a higher-end professional-grade work.”

As of yet I read inclusion of both of these names into one product’s description. To be honest I adore pottery more, because of the “hand-made” tag, that takes me to general human errors and finding the products perfectly imperfect and I chant that a lot. Nonetheless… Let’s get started :) Please click on the images to reach the respective shopping destinations.


Wall Clock from Elitify

Persia Garden Tea Set from Good Earth

Persia Garden Tea Set from Good Earth


Kebab Platter from Freedom Tree


Measuring Cups from Elitify


White Platter from HouseProud


Serving Platter from Elitify


Bowl from Neerja


Dinner Set from Contemporary Arts & Crafts


Tumblers from Contemporary Arts & Crafts


Milk Mugs from Zaarga


Water Jug from Jaypore

  I hope you guys have enjoyed the products that I have listed here and found it to be interesting. Which one did you like the most? Or were you searching for something and found the one here? Please do share your favourites in this segment. You know guys… I always enjoy to listen the tunings of your likes that goes in-sync with mine. Stay well and have a happy living :)