Beautiful Ceramics available for online shopping in India

Hey you! Since long, I admire the art of pottery and so I planned to take up a course for it, just like my other craft hobbies, but then it never happened. Never mind. I have gone through some doubt clearance regarding the difference between pottery and ceramics. What I have learnt from here is that “Ceramics is a general term that includes pottery. Pottery is an entry-level work whereas ceramics is a higher-end professional-grade work.”

As of yet I read inclusion of both of these names into one product’s description. To be honest I adore pottery more, because of the “hand-made” tag, that takes me to general human errors and finding the products perfectly imperfect and I chant that a lot. Nonetheless… Let’s get started :) Please click on the images to reach the respective shopping destinations.


Wall Clock from Elitify

Persia Garden Tea Set from Good Earth

Persia Garden Tea Set from Good Earth


Kebab Platter from Freedom Tree


Measuring Cups from Elitify


White Platter from HouseProud


Serving Platter from Elitify


Bowl from Neerja


Dinner Set from Contemporary Arts & Crafts


Tumblers from Contemporary Arts & Crafts


Milk Mugs from Zaarga


Water Jug from Jaypore

  I hope you guys have enjoyed the products that I have listed here and found it to be interesting. Which one did you like the most? Or were you searching for something and found the one here? Please do share your favourites in this segment. You know guys… I always enjoy to listen the tunings of your likes that goes in-sync with mine. Stay well and have a happy living :)

Artist Oliver Jeffers

everywhere-on-earth-wall-oliver-jeffers-crimson-aprilHello readers! A year ago I came across Oliver Jeffers (through internet obviously) and his work, and I felt connected to his paintings instantly. Why? Let me take you to my childhood times… I was least interested towards dolls and story books like Twinkle and Panchatantra rather I was fond of picture books. I still search for picture books whenever I am at Landmark, Crosswords and likewise, cuz I like to spend some time with my childhood love for lovely glossy cute pictures having two or three lines written on them.

oliver_jeffers_painting_crimson_april oliver_jeffers_umbrellas_paintings_crimson_aprilOliver Jeffers paintings strike a perfect chord with my brain and I am now addicted of collecting his books for me… which definitely will be further used ;)  His paintings involve lot of eye-melting colours and super-cute characters, that are very engaging. So, I am sharing here few of my heartiest love towards the winsome paintings done by him.

oliver_jeffers_crimson_aprilAlso, if you would like to know more about Oliver, then you will definitely relish reading his interview as I did. All I know, is that he is a Brooklyn-based charming Australian guy, who has won countless awards for his wonderful illustrations and paintings. You will get numerous options available in the online store that exhibits his piece of art.

By the way he has involved his paintings in films too, which I loved very much and he has also worked with U2 for the song “Ordinary Love”. Enjoy the video above :)

this-moose-belongs-to-me-oliver-jeffers-crimson-aprilI love love love the book “This Moose Belongs to Me“.


Guys, did you like his paintings? Does his work takes you too… to your childhood? Please let me know your love and perception towards any similar kind of art that has taken your life’s moments for keepsake :) Love you guys. Enlighten!!

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