Foodies Day Out

Hello my lovely world! I would like to take you through some photos, that won’t be followed by ‘that much’ descriptions, but will truly talk to you and will let you know about what happened when my sweet childhood friend visited Pune. This photo blog-post will tell you what happens when two foodie-girls roam the city, the entire day. In the end, I am sure I will get you hungry.

To start with… these two good-looking birds (Kingfisher & Golden Oriole) seen from my apartment’s balcony was a clear sign that the day is going to be superb.

Indian-Kingfisher-Crimson-April Yellow-Bird-Crimson-AprilBreakfast at German Bakery


The great Aga Khan PalaceAga-Khan-Palace-Crimson-AprilLunch at Coconut Grove


City roaming


Fat Cat Café

Ice-Tea-Crimson-AprilHarley Davidson

Harley-Davidson-Blue-Crimson-April Harley-Davidson-Yellow-Crimson-April

Café Yogi Tree


Rock Band Show


This was all of it. She left before dinner; otherwise I could have shown more photos ;) Well, most importantly, we didn’t shop and that was a pact signed between two girls for one day out in Pune city. All we did was talk and eat, because we had so much to share about our life’s happenings. We also agreed upon not to use phone or internet in between. Sometimes, it really is essential to meet the lovely people in your life and give each other some real good quality time. In the end, you will feel great about the laser focused friendship moment spend together.

Have you had such moment recently? Please let me know. Will see you around :)




Christmas Tree in India

Hey all! This is the first year in my life, when I will be buying a Christmas tree and I am super excited about that. Want to know why? Well because, being a Hindu, I have never stopped myself by any religion or regional tag. I love wandering around and having yummy Ramzan dishes, I adore spending peaceful time in Gurudwara and just like Diwali, every year I heart to celebrate Christmas. Owning a Christmas tree is going to be a bigger achievement for me :)

Actually I had a bit of trouble in finding the right tree for me. I have searched a lot in internet, but was not able to find the one that are grown & used in India. I went to look at plant nurseries, both mall and roadside ones, as there was nobody to guide me on this, I came across some variants which I felt can be used as a Christmas tree. I felt today is the right day to tell you about this, as you can take time deciding & shop for the perfect one before Christmas day. Costing goes according to the size of the tree/plant. Want to have a look over them? Alright!

Golden Cypress

Golden_Cypress_Plant_Crimson_AprilGolden_Cypress_Leaves_Crimson_AprilThese are not actual Christmas tree/plant, but if you want to have a pinch of festive feel at home, then this is a good buy. It can become as a dense conical tree, but regular cutting and styling will help retain the look. The almost yellow shoots are a bit strong to hold a light-weight garland (will soon post a DIY for it) for decoration or you can simply illuminate it around. Cost starts from Rs. 150/-

Araucaria Heterophylla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Araucaria_Heterophylla_Leaves_Crimson_AprilAlso called as Star Pine, this one is very close to being called as Christmas tree, it grows huge and a lot of decoration is recommended here :) the leaves and branches are defined and strong, hence any décor piece (check here & here) can be hung over it. The leaves are loose and long. Cost starts from Rs.280/- This tree is also been confused as the below one…

Araucaria Columnaris

Cook_Pine_Plant_Crimson_April Cook_Pine_Leaves_Crimson_April

This is the actual Christmas tree used in India, also called as Cook Pine. Cost starts from Rs.320/- It’s leaves are held tight inwards and are small in length. You can hang any decor piece on this as well. When the above one and this one grow up, they both look just the same; only the previous one looks visually stronger (to me ;)).

I guess I found the one for me; I will take the Star Pine. What about you guys? Please let me know, which one are you looking to invest in? In the meanwhile you can have a good study about Christmas at Why Christmas. I will come up with more ideas for you very soon, especially if you are not willing to buy a tree/plant, but still want your home to have a festive look. Till then enjoy exploring!