My Top 5 picks from The Furniture Republic online store


top 5 pick from The Furniture Republic

You guys! Recently I have been approached by Anubha from The Furniture Republic (TFR), to come up with my top 5 pick from their online store. Well, this happened because TFR liked the post I published on “the good-looking bed designs available online” which included one of theirs too. I feel happy that my work has been appreciated and is considered on terms, and so the good-work rebounds to me with better opportunities. Am sure same happens with you :)


The Furniture Republic online store

When I explored their online store, two lines from their about page caught my attention: “TFR is inspired by a strong belief that Class is a matter of taste, not just price” and “From Milan to Melbourne, from Murano to Moradabad, we scan a vast vendor base to bring you the absolute best”. And so when you go through their site you will see that they mean it. Though if you are staying in these areas : MG Road (Gurgaon), Noida, Kirti Nagar Furniture Market (New Delhi), do visit their multi-story store.

Let me begin with what I liked the most and selected for you, not only to WOW upon, but rather to shop for your home interiors.


If you like map/Atlas like me, then this shall be your pick too. If you are willing to have this one, make sure that at least the two sides of the sofa is open, so that you can flaunt the design. My suggestion is to arrange the seating in a way that this sofa plays as a divider between living and dining room. I loved the sofa style too, it mimics the Chesterfield sofa in a far better way, in terms of price… especially.


The best thing about this sleek chair that I liked is that it is airy and hence feels light, even when it is in red colour. So if for example, you have guests coming, then this chair will definitely rescue you from, when you will fall short of seating space. Also the bright red, will pop-out beautifully, if your space lacks some heat.


I instantly felt connected to this coffee table. Why? Because it has this blunt contours, which replicates a smooth river-pebble… perfectly. And I used to play with them in my childhood. So all this “my” thing is not to distract you from anything else but the fact that, each piece, every single element that you select for your home, should be you… not the trend. Listen to your gut feeling and let go, get attracted towards, what your heart calls. Not only will you cherish each product, but you will also feel proud to own it.


If you have a dining table that is sturdy enough and don’t know how to spruce up the usual look, then switch some of its chair to this one and Voila!! you are great to go. I found the design of the back interesting and also the round seat… pretty different from the usual squares and rectangles. I am sure… either your kids or the childish you would always race to sit on that chair ;)


Aha a rotating stool, which can also be used as a bed-side table. Will fit in type of interiors, which has retro, county and mixed styling. I heart wood and this is my “must-have” pick. I cherish the type of furniture that can be used in different rooms, whenever a change of look is felt/required. So this piece… of course as the name suggests, can be used as a stool in living, dining and even kitchen for some chit-chat sessions.

I hope you liked the collection I have presented to you. I would love to know, Which one among these did you find interesting? Is there a piece from the above list that you were looking for or are willing to buy? Will see you guys soon here :) Enjoy!!


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*This is a commissioned post from TFR*


Winner of Innovative Decor Star of the Year + Contest


Hey all!! From the beginning of 2016, a lot of happening moments are taking place. I know for many of you this is a old news, but to many others this might be still fresh right? (Some of you are thinking like “what on earth are you talking about lady?”) Okay so as you remember I have been nominated in five categories for decor awards by Asian Paints and Social Samosa. AND… I won in 4 categories out of entire 10:

Winner of Innovative Decor Star of the Year

2nd in Decor Blogger of the Year

2nd in Decor Influencer of the Year

and 3rd in Rising Decor Star of the Year

Yeehaw!! It feels great! Amazing! Over the Top!

I was in complete awe that I have all your love, support and of course votes. So in accordance to celebrate the wins from where you are and still being together with me; I am conducting a contest: Wherein, I would love to receive your comment here, on the question: “Why do you follow a decor blog?”. The answer could range from reasons to feelings, your perceptions to ideas. The winner will be randomly selected, announced on Monday (1stFeb’16) and will receive a surprise gift. Hint?? Check out my FB page on Calligraphy and Illustration.

Honestly, from the core of my heart, I have never felt so fulfilled with my work and you are the one who made me feel that. Thank you so much. I am sending you great wishes from each cell present within me. Cheers to better days *Clink*. Love you guys. See you soon :)