Laterbox Website

Hey guys! Being a blogger and fun enthusiast, I have lot of other works to do e.g. household chores, interior styling, art and all things good. I am very sure all of you too are pretty busy in different tasks on a daily basis.

What I face difficulty in, is if I lag once in some task, then I just keep sliding it across the month. And this happens even if I set a deadline to the particular job. I usually opt to write a to-do list every morning and I sense that some of my professional work shifts from yesterday’s to-do list to today’s and so on… In this way I just loose the gravity towards the job, which later slowly pace up my worries. Are you on the same page somehow?

Well, just a week ago I got approached by a very dear friend ‘Navin Kulkarni’ who runs an agency Achieveee, consisting a group of web designers and developers in Kalyan (Mumbai). He introduced a great website to me, originated by him and his team of four. And guess what this is called law of attraction… I was in super need of something that can remind me of where am I lagging, which task was I delaying the most and how is my performance going in terms of completing my daily tasks.

Laterbox-Beat-Procrastination-Crimson-AprilThis website looks way simple and post joining in (it’s FREE yaye!) you will get to know its importance. I tried it for a week and it is superb.

Laterbox-Welcome-Crimson-April  As soon as you sign-up and verify your mail ID, this is the page that emerges. I love the exciting face of that chap there… it really builds up the interest and curiosity of what will come next?

Laterbox-Priority-List-Crimson-AprilThe site’s 1-3-5 priority strategy is absolute. 1 is ‘one big thing’… which for me is ‘eat that frog’ task. 3 is ‘three medium things’… my must do’s are in it and 5 is five small things… and these days I note my household work in them ;) Khachinga!

Before, I use to write the ‘in between random thoughts’ or brainstorming ideas (that enters my gentle mind) on the bits of paper that scatters across my table, but now even that is managed by this site.

Laterbox-Performance-Graph-Crimson-AprilThe best part is its reports, that can awe you and let you know, how are you performing with respect to completing your missions and delaying the chores. Trust me it is far better than the office work graphs and pushes you to extend your potential in finishing most of your to-do(s) within deadline.

Laterbox-Crimson-AprilThe quote on each page is actually of great help. It makes your focus like a laser-beam and supports you to keep performing better. The navigation is good and is simple to handle, so no need of extra pressure on brain.

So now you know, targets and achievements are important not only for the office-goers but even to the people like me, who works at home, roams around the city, do housekeeping and even brainstorming. Hence, this website is for everyone.

Not that it’s my friend’s creation; this site is really a great aid to track up life in a much organized way. I tried it for one week and trust me getting reports and updates via mail (through settings) guides me to lay new horizons and reach them out. Please do let me know your experience on it and share the valuable feedback in the comments. Beat procrastination Yo!

DIY Constellation for Basant

Hey you lovely people Happy Basant Panchami! I am one super crazy soul for celebrating almost all the Indian festivals. Keeping up with the pace is a bit difficult as, Indians have a lot of galas that come around yearly and all of them have an interesting story with it. I love reading about them; go through Basant Panchami info here if you wish to. In childhood, I found at least two students from each class drawing different festivals in yearly drawing n painting competition, but as we grow up… obviously… these matters less to us. So I enjoy reviving all those moments by bringing up some DIY(s) to you.

Craft-Crimson-April   In short Basant Panchami is celebrated as an announcement to Indians that spring has arrived. So I thought of what can I make special which will equally inspire you to try it out. Suddenly the thought of constellation struck my mind and I jumped off from my seat. Because I am very fond of them as they are group of stars (‘Tara’ my name) and has pretty patterns (inspires designing) that have some connection with mythology (I respect). Here are the constellations that show up at spring-time.

Spring-Constellation-Crimson-April  All you need is:

A thread (of any colour) I chose blue

Bindis (oh yeah I made a different use out of it ;))

Constellation patterns (I got from here)


This one is super-duper-easy. All you got to do is select your favorite pattern of constellation… I chose the ones that appear in spring season (Sextant, Big Dipper, Crater & Corvus), you can go for what intrigues you or even check out your zodiac sign.

Crater-Constellation-Crimson-AprilThey are simple and straight lines, so being less complex; you can easily trace the pattern without any ‘pre-pencil’ help. I copied the patterns by sticking the thread ends with Bindis directly. If you are a crafter by profession and have designer punches then you can use the star punches on washi tapes and use them instead of Bindis.

Connecting-The-Dots-Crimson-AprilThe tread tracing may take away li’l bit of your patience, but guys… do not give up! You will find happiness in the end of the task… that’s for sure :)

That’s it! If you have more Bindis or stickers then fill up some blank space present around them, as they somehow should resemble sky… right?

Spring-Season-Constellation-Crimson-AprilDid you have fun doing this? I hope you like it. Tell me which constellation is your favorite? Will be soon here… Be happy and stay well Yo!