Shopping from Urban Ladder

Hello guys! I am a huge fan of, I hope you too are. Since the moment it has arrived in the market of home décor sector, I have almost stopped checking out the furniture in showroom and used this fab online platform so much, because they always update their products and services on a regular basis. And since the very beginning of its launch I regularly check their site… just like I do in my favorite blogger’s sites :) Urban Ladder has gained prestigious value so quickly, is because of the awesome products they introduce every now and then.Urban_Ladder_Crimson_April It’s not that I keep buying furniture for myself… obviously, but I use their products on most of my interior designing and styling services. I adore their characteristic of taking care of their beloved customers. I have experienced it personally. Though some people may think that they are selling their stuff on a bit more pricey side, but guys nothing comes for free… especially when you want comfort, quality, style and strength to sustain in years to come.

Every time I search for an item, this site smoothly guides my eyes. Whenever I am focused enough to find a piece, I directly put it in search mode and it shows exactly the ones I am looking for, and if I am looking for something that sits on a wide spectrum, then the sectional options help me out generously.Urban_Ladder_Website_Nav_Crimson_AprilBrowsing through this site is a restful experience, with every item shown in singular, styled, measured and practical versions, along-with the best description to satisfy you with assuring facts. Not even at a single point it will leave you perplexed. I so love it! 

Here are some of my favorite products from Urban Ladder.Urban_Ladder_Orita_Crimson_April                                  This is Orita in aqua colour, it’s a two-seater sofa and what I liked about it is the perfection of stitching done on edges and curves. The fabric they use also has super finish. Urban_Ladder_Mclaren_Display_Cabinet_Crimson_April                                        I liked the slanted leg and the dash of orange in the above cabinet. Using such colour will make the cabinet pop-out from any corner.

Urban_Ladder_Dorian_Dresser_Teak_Finish_Crimson_April                                  This dresser has a lovely finish on wood, they mentioned teak, but it looks even better… oak to me ;) The angles made on legs and visual cuts of two opposite corners of the mirror is created by increasing the width of wooden frame. Classic & ClassyUrban_Ladder_Maller_Orange_Helix_Crimson_April                                 They have a lot more for your home than just furniture. Look at this hand-tufted rug, I liked the pattern on it, for me it looks chic. And the quality is superb, because I ordered one of the rugs for my project from them.

Urban_Ladder_Missouri_Tripod_Floor_Lamp_Crimson_April                         Awwhh… this piece is like a dessert to my eyes. I so love it. It is named ‘Missouri tripod’ and having this one at home is like going back to the time of Sherlock Holmes. I will buy this for myself… for sure!!

Now that I am all set to buy my favorites, I realize I am in a sound era of virtual world. So since I cannot bargain upfront to the team, I am in a definite need of some deals or coupons.

Happy_Checkout_Coupons_Website_Crimson_AprilWhile strolling across numerous websites, I found ‘the chosen one’ which came out to be of great help to me… introducing Happy Checkout (the name says it all). So here I found, the best deals and it works out just perfect for me. On some requirement purchase I have saved 1200 INR with happycheckout urban ladder coupons. Great!!

I would be glad to know your experience, if you have purchased anything from them. As I hope you too would find, like and buy some really good stuff at Urban Ladder and to match it… get the best deals at Happy Checkout. Be a proud owner of wonderful things guys! I am happily checking out from here… stay well and feel good.

Little Changes

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Hey all! How have you been?? I know it’s been a long time since I blogged, but as an excuse, I can write that I was busy sending postcards for Valentine’s Day ;) Well anyways, I was in the kitchen today… oh yes I do go there haha… and I was taking out the milk from refrigerator stored in an aluminum vessel.

Milk-Aliminum-Vessel-Crimson-AprilThen I realized that most of us do exactly the same, we store the milk in the vessel, since the time it has been boiled in it and even if you are not one among us, but still prefer to store the milk in aluminum or steel vessel, then there is a better shift you can do.

I always like to do some small shifts or changes that will upgrade my lifestyle in a better way. As, I believe décor is a slow and steady process and it does not find stability… obviously because of the pretty trends that hits the market very often and if not being trendy then at least upgrading things little by little. So as soon as the bulb of my mind lit, I brought a sudden change in the ‘minute’ part of my kitchen, hence felt like sharing the very thought with you… may be, even you are looking for some tiny magic to happen.

Mangajo-Crimson-April                                                      So what I did is I separated the malai ( thick layer of cream) from it and I poured the milk in a glass container. That’s it! That’s the ‘acute’ and ‘a cute’ change.Now you will say, that’s exactly why I don’t do such shifts… it involves spending!! Well guys, I know even for me, shopping some glass milk bottles that costs somewhere around 400/- each seems cheesy, but instead I used the empty bottles of flavored iced green teas that I already had.

Mangajo_Pomegranate_Green_Tea_Crimson_April Mangajo_Refreshing_Red_Grape_Roobios_Crimson_April                                                                                          So this takes you to know one of my passions… I collect the grocery items that come in good packaging. And as you know I also love to zing up my taste buds with lots of variants. This bottle is of flavored iced green tea named MangaJo and I love it BIG time! I have tasted the above two flavors… both were too good, but Rooibos & Red Grape was better. So this can be considered as a second small change. Perhaps when you buy some good things for your monthly grocery in good packages e.g. glass jars, tight containers, tins you will brighten up your kitchen shelves in a unique way. It acts as a collectible as well as a great way to store things, instead of keeping them in plastic packets or in weird plastic containers that you get in markets stating’ buy 3 and get 1 free’ kinds.

I hope you would also like to step on to these practices from now on, to save yourself from uneasy moments when your guests are around. By the way who doesn’t want their kitchen or even refrigerator to look good? Pleasing yourself is equal to pleasing your guests. Small changes for good, lead you to a better way of living and then flash them off on your lovely visitors. Please tell me how have you find this idea as and also please do share your point of view on the same. Will see you soon to perk you up. Adios!!