Blog Apology

Hello there! Just yesterday I posted an article, for which I was not feeling righteous. I still moved on and published the sponsored post. Within few hours I received negative vibrations from within and I sensed that I did something wrong. 

Thankfully due to my awesome blogging buddies I felt that… yes, what I did ‘was wrong’, as I received a mail from Aziz and also comments from Vinay and Teny, which clearly lead me to the confirmation of the same. I am so blessed to have them around. Sorry guys for not asking permission to mention you here…

I would like to share my viewpoint here to you my friend. Do not ever fall into the greed of having more visitors, likes, clicks and comments if you have already established a known blog; Known even among five regular and honest readers of your blog.

doodle_art_life_crimson_aprilI have committed this mistake (yesterday) first time ever guys… mistake of not writing on my own, not putting my heart, willingness and personality into what I write. And within a day I sensed that I have spoiled my fellow reader’s trust to some extent.

Though I mentioned my honesty in the mid of yesterday’s article but… I felt a strong tremor in my mind that I have stepped on a dwindling path. Then… thud! I fell. So I stood up quick, to correct myself and to do the right not only for me & my blog, but for the foremost part of all these… my blog’s lovely readers… YOU.

tara_nair_pune_blogger_crimson_april         For some time I too have become greedy and forgot to be grateful to my blog’s valuable readers, as for a while I have become someone else but not ME. So I am deeply sorry guys to mislead you onto something which I didn’t follow and where I have never been. I hope you will be with me & my blog to the farthest and more. I heart you so much and cannot afford to lose you for these silly articles that are not my forte.

Thank you so much guys for supporting me and being so caring and kind to make me lead to the right path… always. And you guys… I am always there for you. Keep sharing what you love, enjoy, experience and something useful and informative to others. Had you too ever fallen for these little more(s) and lost your assets? Please do let me know. 

flower_doodle_art_crimson_aprilBe grateful with what you have and abundance will follow“–from ‘The Magic’ book by Rhonda Byrne. Let’s stay true to self. Love you :) XOXO


Trip to Diveagar Beach

tara_nair_diveagar_beach_crimson_aprilHello folks! Previous month I have been to Diveagar Beach and it was one among the best trips I had so far. Cool, calm, smooth and abso serene. Also, I was longing for a beach road drive, since the moment I saw it on T.V (Australia Beaches). Post this visit I realized that even far corners of India offers so much better. I am way much pleased to visit this place. I have been to a lot of beaches in my native-town in Kerala, but still there was no comparison to be made.

diveagar_beach_entrance_crimson_april diveagar_beach_crimson_april

Creeeamy and soft sand, lot of star fishes and crabs around your foot and a clean shore is what held my heart. We left from Pune at 12 p.m and reached the beach at 6p.m. The view was spot-on… a beautiful sunset. Though the driving duration is 4 hrs. but we took the complete taste of journey before reaching the destination that’s why it took us 6 hrs. to reach there. You can see the details here.


We enjoyed the very ‘sunset’ look of the beach and was not feeling like turning our back to the sea. Our plan was made on Monday to Tuesday, so the beach at that time had only five fishermen and us . So we took the complete benefit of it and savoured ourselves with what the space was offering us.


It was getting dark and one thing we missed out on is to book a hotel for stay. But thankfully since we went there in a weekday zone, so there was lot of option for the same. While driving around the local area, I sensed as if I am in my hometown… coconut & banana trees, cattle & hens on roads and the shops & resident area turn-off their lights by 7p.m. I believe almost the entire coastal area and their residents offer the same. But I loved it… it was a homely feeling so close to where I reside :)

exotica_beach_resort_crimson_april exotica_beach_resort_room_crimson_april

We had our eyes upon a resort which was 10 steps away from the beach, but we thought of looking out for more options around. And finally we ended up in the one we wanted to. Exotica Beach Resort is the best place to stay3500/- per double-bed room with a complementary breakfast buffet. Ohh I so loved staying there!! They have beautifully arranged the areas that included restaurant, rooms, recreation etc. Plus the one thing that won me over was the 24X7 soft music played on woofers hung on trees. It was all magical and serendipitous. The food was yummy, room were clean, comfortable, sophisticated and has enveloped all the amenities. I mean they gave me a strong reason behind describing the resort more than the beach ;) 


Anyways, the next morning we left the resort and took our car on the beach and yes you can drive there (note: it was a weekday). While having fun driving, we saw the crabs running sideways and were amazed with the speed with which they were digging the hole and hiding inside. It was a micro-second job for them. There were sport adventures that one can enjoy viz. motor boat, para-sailing etc. but we wanted to remain close to the sea and shore… together ;)

You won’t find much option in terms of restaurants around. Though there are few residents who will offer the local food in thali. Haven’t even found a market where we could buy sea products. So we took whatever we liked on the shore :)


There is one temple nearby which had golden mask of Lord Ganesha, but it was then stolen, found and kept in a museum somewhere far. Nothing much around the place other than few more other beaches from 4km onwards. But the peaceful Diveagar beach visit with the lavish stay at Exotica Resort has made our trip far better than any other. 


So, a trip doesn’t have to cover everything that is famous, rather wherever you were… if you have enjoyed it to the fullest, you won’t even feel like covering up all the surrounding tourist places. We were content to the core and it took us 4 1/2 hrs. to reach back… though we have taken another route while going back home and it has given us more scenic views to be grateful about… driving on the road parallel to the extended beach was so much like ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’ shot ;)


For directions we used Google Map App, for hotel search we used Tripadvisor App and for everything else… there is MasterCard… no wait! You cannot use the swipe style there… as it is a lonely planet zone. So better to take a lot of cash, as you will get very few ATM(s) too.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the description. I am still on my way to blog better in travel criteria. If there is anything I am missing out on… I know you are there to guide me :) God bless you. May you too have wonderful journeys ahead :) Sayonara!